10 Best Undertale Fan Games Of 2023 (2023)

Undertale is a retro inspired 2d video game that features a unique blend of genres including role playing, puzzle, and bullet-hell shoot em ups.

Since the games release in 2015 it has become quite a cult classic…

Widely considered one of the best video games ever created and winning several “Game of the Year” honors.

A common response to beloved video games is to honor the franchise with fan content.

As a game developer myself, I can only hope to achieve that kind of fandom where fan art and fan games are created to expand the universe crafted in my own game.

Undertale has seen two official expansions to the unique universe that it created: “Deltarune Chapter 1 – The Beginning” and “Deltarune Chapter 2 – A Cyber’s World”.

But today we wanted to explore the unique expansions created by the fans.

So let’s take a look at the 10 best Undertale fan games of 2023…

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10. Pokétale by GammaRay

10 Best Undertale Fan Games Of 2023 (1)

What do you get when you mix Pokémon and Undertale? Well.. Pokétale of course.

Pokétale is a (sort of) retelling of the original gen one Pokémon game, in the style of Undertale.

Perfect for fans of both games, this fan game features a blend of both Pokémon and Undertale’s stories, visual styles and combat.

You know we are fans of Pokémon here at RetroDodo, so we had to include this one.

A short and cute experience as an appetizer to some of the awesome fan games to appear on the rest of this list!

And if you’re a Pokémon fan… of course, we got a cool list of the best Pokémon fan games for you as well!

9. Yet Another Bad Time Simulator DELUXE by Seezee

10 Best Undertale Fan Games Of 2023 (2)

Did you ever want to experience an Undertale boss battle in full 3d? Well, you can, man!

It’s like if Undertale existed in the Doom universe.

If you like Doom, by the way… check out our list of the best Doom games.

YABTS was a project originally developed by ZweiHander, but his project file was lost forever.

So Seezee developed the deluxe version to help save the project from disappearing into obscurity.

Another short and simple experience, but one that is absolutely worth supporting. Especially when you know the history of the project and how much love was put into keeping it alive.

We are happy to include it on our list of the best Undertale fan games.

8. Understory by PurpleTraveller Team

10 Best Undertale Fan Games Of 2023 (3)

Understory is a fan made sequel to the True Pacifist ending.

Game play focuses on a neutral/pacifist style of play and leads you through a new original story.

Monsters from the Underground now inhabit the surface, and are learning to live in harmony with humans.

But in typical Undertale fashion.. things quickly go south.

Literally… you are thrust back into the Underground again.

Then things go pretty much as you would expect… a bunch of boss fights and entertaining characters to interact with.

This game was developed by a team in Russia several years ago, and was eventually ported over to English for the world to enjoy!

Definitely an Undertale fan game worth checking out.

7. Overtime by GermanPeter

10 Best Undertale Fan Games Of 2023 (4)

Overtime is a full recreation of the original Undertale game, but with a twist…

Events unfold much like the original game, but offer an entertaining alternative universe version with all of your favorite characters from Team Fortress 2.

Offering 2-4 hours of game play, this is a great experience for fans of both Undertale and Team Fortress 2… or both… or neither!

6. HorrorTale the Game by HTTG Team

10 Best Undertale Fan Games Of 2023 (5)

HorrorTale is exactly what it sounds like… a darker, more psychological story set in the Undertale universe.

The fan game is inspired by the HorrorTale comic series created by Sour-Apple-Studios started in 2016.

Play as a new character in a twisted alternative universe… the world of Undertale just got even weirder.

A truly unique twist on the Undertale formula, and one not to be missed.

And if you’re a fan of the dark stuff, we just published an awesome list of the best horror games for PS4.

5. Ink!Sans Fight by Crosu

10 Best Undertale Fan Games Of 2023 (6)

This one is a short, but not so sweet experience in the Undertale universe.

Did you ever wanna battle Sans… on acid?

Ink!Sans Fight, as the name suggests, is an absolute chaotic boss battle with Sans. But like… times one hundred.

It’s brutal, it’s over the top, it’s a huge challenge. And for fans of the Undertale boss battle formula.. it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

Definitely one worth checking out.

4. Underfell by NerdZero

10 Best Undertale Fan Games Of 2023 (7)

Are you a glutton for punishment? Was the one boss battle of Ink!Sans Fight not enough for you?

Well what if all of the good-natured monsters in the Undertale wanted to destroy you just as much as the mean ones did?

Well, if you need a nastier version of Undertale, there’s Underfell…

It’s the ultra-evil version… like Undertale meets Darksouls.

This would be a perfect time to explain an interesting aspect to Undertale fan games…

When exploring fan games in the Undertale universe, there are often many iterations and remixes done by separate teams.

“Underfell”, for example, has 265 search results on GameJolt.

It seems like the Undertale fan game community is cool with sharing ideas and producing as many mini-iterations of the same shared concepts as possible.

It’s tough to determine which version of each idea is the best, so you just gotta try them all!

3. Dusttale by Evan Streblow

10 Best Undertale Fan Games Of 2023 (8)

Dusttale is an original interpretation of events taking place after the Undertale genocide route.

The beloved character Sans must make his way through the Underground and build his powers to compete with Chara. (That will all make more sense to you if you’ve played the original game, of course.)

Sans will have to kill his peers in the Underground to become the ultimate force.

Dusttale offers 2-3 hours of grueling combat in the Underground.

And for fans of Sans… or fans of the boss battles (I mean, aren’t we all?)… this one is maybe the coolest Undertale fan game ever created.

2. Undertale Yellow by Team Undertale Yellow

10 Best Undertale Fan Games Of 2023 (9)

As one of the most polished fan games created for the Undertale universe…

Undertale Yellow is a prequel to the original story, currently in development.

It has a pretty incredible playable demo, available now.

Play as a new character and experience a new original storyline.

And follow a new mysterious character who will lead you through a new part of the Underground never before seen.

Featuring a full soundtrack of original tracks and remixes of classic tracks from the original game.

Team Undertale Yellow is hard at work in fully realizing this new storyline. But if the demo is any indication of what is to come, Undertale Yellow will remain as one of the absolute best fan games created in the Undertale universe.

It would be the best if it weren’t for this amazing fan creation:


10 Best Undertale Fan Games Of 2023 (10)

DONTFORGET is an absolutely beautiful fan game, inspired by both Undertale and Deltarune.

The project consists of two unique experiences… a Deltarune fangame “DONTFORGET”, and a multiplayer Undertale experience “DF CONNECTED”.

The DONTFORGET story mode is a continuation of the Undertale storyline…

Allowing players to take control of a new character and experience a totally new story set in an alternative Undertale universe.

The multiplayer experience allows players to team up with friends for hours upon hours of grinding in an Undertale prequel storyline.

The developer has called the project “recklessly ambitious”, and the scope has grown exponentially since its origins in 2016.

We are sure to see expansions and updates in the future, but as it stands… DONTFORGET is already the absolute best Undertale fan game to date.

10 Best Undertale Fan Games Of 2023 (12)

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