10 Most Popular TV Shows Of 2022, According To Rotten Tomatoes (2023)

By Sarah Sawyer

There is plenty of great TV series in 2022 and so much to choose from. Rotten Tomatoes has some good suggestions with their best of the year, so far.

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Lord of The Rings: The Rings of Power has recently dropped a trailer that gives viewers a look at the infamous villain, Sauron, and it has undoubtedly gained a lot of attention,along with bothcriticism and some hope for the future Amazon series. While there is still plenty of discussion surrounding thetrailer, other series still have a lot of fans' attention in 2022.

This yearhas provided viewers with great content in movies, games, and TV shows. While a few have been hit or miss, they stillgot a lot of attention during their release and continue to be watercooler topics, as seen by their Rotten Tomatoes ratings.

The Terminal List: Season 1 - 39%

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Action series are a big hitin both TV series and film. They attract an audience and keepthem engaged, and The Terminal List, starring Chris Pratt, nailed it with audience members.

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Despite critics giving this show a 39%, fans ranked it at 95%, likely due to Chris Pratt in the role of the main character, James Reece. The former Navy SEAL officer is investigating the ambush of his entire platoon during a covert mission and the high-stakes, action-packed Amazon Prime series has certainly become a fan favorite, at least with viewers.

Resident Evil: Season 1 - 52%

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Not all attention that is focused on a series is positive.But often, viewers, after hearing how bad a series is, will go and see it for themselves to find out if it's as bad as others say it is.

Despite being a highly viewed show, The Netflix series Resident Evil has received negative attention from critics and fans. While its premise uses the basic story of the video game franchise by having the plot set three years after the discovery of the T-Virus, an outbreak happens. The result ended in audience members rating the show at just 26% despite its higher critic rating.

Stranger Things: Season 4 - 91%

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In the most recent season of Stranger Things, the character Eddie continues to receive plenty of love from viewers, alongside the series' new antagonist and one of the best TV villains of the year, Vecna.

Stranger Things has been a Netflix fan favorite since it first came out, so it would only seem natural that the newest season would receive plenty of attention. Since the release of season 4, the reviews it has received from both critics and audience members are at 91% and 90%, respectively.

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The Umbrella Academy: Season 3 - 91%

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Superheroes capture the hearts of many along with views when it comes to movies and TV series. The TV series, The Umbrella Academy, is one series that has gained many fans and plenty of views to ensure it a spot on the most popular list.

The Umbrella Academy has released a third season and it's received a lot of attention, taking critics by storm. However, fan ratings are at 53% at the time of writing. The Umbrella Academy has had some shocking deathsand has missed out on some comic content that could have made a better impression, But overall, it has done a decent job in remaining in good standing with critics and most audience members.

The Old Man: Season 1 - 95%

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2022 has been the year for action series with a few new releases alongside new seasons of current series that have gained a loyal fan base. One of the year's latest releases, The Old Man, is proving to be one of these series.


The series where a former CIA officer goes from living off the grid to running from people who want to kill him has received many positive reviews from critics and fans alike. Aside from critics putting it at 95%, the audience score of 83% shows an almost perfect balance between critics and audience opinions.

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The Boys: Season 3 - 98%

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This year has not only been a great year for action series, but superhero series, as well and one that has taken the media by storm has been the hit Amazon Prime series, The Boys.

The comic to TV series adaptation has been making headway with its provocative, action-packed content that contains plenty of scenes with The Boys' fan-favorite, terrifying superhero, Homelander. Alongside critics, audience members have put season 3 at 86% andgivenpositive feedback about the new season and what they found most enjoyable.

Ms. Marvel: Season 1 - 98%

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The Marvelfranchise has a ton of movies and series, so it should be no surprise that a new one has been added to the list. To continue the superhero trend of 2022, Ms. Marvel has just arrived on the scene and is making a great impression.

Ms. Marvel has been racking in praise from both critics and audiences with an audience score of 82%. The first season not only has fans praising it, but fans are also coming up with wild theories about what will happen next in Ms. Marvel. Needless to say, fans are excited to see more.

Black Bird: Season 1 - 98%

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The drama and crime genres will never get old as together, they provide audience members with enough content to keep them drawn into the story. That said, the series,Black Bird, has been earning plenty of fans with its dark crime story.

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The miniseries involves Jimmy Keene, who is sentenced to 10 years in prison. The inmate cuts a deal with the FBI to befriend a suspected serial killer and is tasked with the job of eliciting a confession from the man to find the bodies of18 women. The storyline and acting received a high score from critics and a solid score of 94% from audience members.

The Bear: Season 1 - 100%

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TV series don't always need an elaborate story to draw in a crowd. Sometimes, shows with a simple yet tragic story can become popular amongst viewers and gain a large following. Such is the case with the series,The Bear.

The Bear is about a young chef returning to Chicago from the world of fine dining to run his family's sandwich shop after the death of his brother, all while struggling with the transition from fine dining to small business kitchen work. It's a great story with a critic score of 100% and an audience score of 92% as of the time of writing, which is a big accomplishment for a series in its first season.

Only Murders In The Building: Season 2 - 100%

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The second season of Only Murders In The Building has been released and it has received a lot of attention and great reviews,proving why it's a great series to watch. In it, three strangers obsessed with true crime stories have found themselves wrapped up in one very close to home, and it is a sight to behold.

Many critics and viewers have noted their love for the storyline and acting that provides plenty of high-quality entertainment. Like The Bear, Only Murders In The Building season 2 has been given a 100% by critics, and the audience score is currently set at 91% -- an excellent outcome for a series with a newly-released second season.

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