5 Best Gym Equipment Brands - For Home + Gyms (2023)

Imagine a gym with no fees, where the equipment is always free, and it has exactly what you need for your training.

That’s what a home gym could be if you make the right choices about brands, products, and the order of buying equipment.

A home gym trades setup costs for long-term gains, and the convenience of having everything you need at your fingertips to suit your schedule and lifestyle.

Today, we’re looking at the best gym equipment brands for building a home gym – including some of the most important questions about how to do it. If you’re sick of spending money on gym fees with nothing permanent to show for it but long lines at the bench, read on…

How did we choose the best home gym equipment brands?

We chose the best home gym equipment brands by ranking along product quality

This is the ground-level stuff that makes up the quality of a brand in the way that they design and build their products – and thus what you can expect from them in future. Getting a brand that consistently builds good products produces a background of reliable and effective manufacture.

After that, we looked at the quality across 1,000s of reviews, our own experiences with a range of the products, and the way that each fitness equipment brand treats customers: like warranty policy, customer service, and dependability if things go wrong.

This also extends out to quality assurance policies – which are important for how a brand treats you as a customer – and then onto range, accessory compatibility, and the balance a brand strikes between price and quality.

Best Home Gym Equipment Brands On The Market

The best home gym equipment brands on the market are Rogue Fitness, Rep Fitness, Force USA, Titan Fitness, and Sunny Health and Fitness. There are other great options out there, but these brands cover some of the most important niches on the market and just about any price range.

Within the range of brands listed here – and their respective product lines – there’s a product at a price for just about any need. We try to cater to a range of different needs, and

Best Commercial Gym Equipment at Home

Rogue Fitness

Rogue has a great reputation as an equipment brand because they mix an affordable price with commercial gym equipment quality. They also offer excellent domestic shipping and a reliable product range, all designed and made to great standards.

It’s a more expensive option for some home gyms compared to entry-level brands, but offers the kind of commercial quality you’ll be familiar with from any good CrossFit gyms. Workout equipment from rogue is great for free weights and strength equipment, as well as cardio machines like the assault exercise bike and spin bikes.

Rogue’s monster series – including staples like the HR-2 half rack and RM-4 monster rack – is one of the best home gym setups on the market. Home gym owners need to pay extra attention to build quality to get the most from fitness equipment over the long term.

Rogue’s home gym equipment is among the best on the market by the balance it strikes, the consistent and uncompromising quality, and the stand-out customer service.

Rogue are the band of choice for a high-quality brand you can rely on to deliver commercial gym equipment quality with a balance of cost and quality. This is a higher standard than many on the market, but delivers on the cost.

5 Best Gym Equipment Brands - For Home + Gyms (1)

  • Mid-higher range for home gym equipment with higher quality and good prices
  • Focus on quality materials and fixtures
  • Excellent range with the monster accessory range fitting all standard-spaced builds
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  • Not always cost effective when compared to other brands

Go to Rogue Fitness

Best Affordable Alternative to Rogue

Rep Fitness

Rep Fitness are an excellent secondary to Rogue with a slightly less expensive but also commensurately lower-polish set of products. They’re still outstanding within the market and are gaining a reputation as one of the best mid-level home gym providers on the market for consistent quality despite a lower price than commercial providers like Rogue.

Rep have an excellent range of products – like their outstanding design-your-own power cage and squat rack – and even some great gym accessories. We definitely recommend checking out the Rep Fitness range before you make any decisions since they tend to out-do a large range of cheaper providers on the quality and features they provide.

Rep is in a great place for just about everyone right now: their products are good enough quality to compete with upper (but not premium-commercial) products, while being cheap enough to out-perform the entry level options on the market.

As a result, you should make a habit of checking any purchase against Rep, as they may just be your best choice most of the time!

5 Best Gym Equipment Brands - For Home + Gyms (2)

  • Cheaper than Rogue with savings to reflect the difference
  • Great reputation as a ‘premium entry level’ choice
  • Wide range of options and quality designs that make them popular
  • Good customer service and quality assurance relative to price
  • Other high end brands could potentially give you better quality

Go to Rep Fitness

A Balance of Quality and Cost for Mid-Range Gym Equipment

Force USA

Force USA is a great, staple mid-level provider of all kinds of gym equipment – but specifically strength training equipment. They provide power racks, squat racks, and power cages at all kinds of prices from the MyRack basic setup to the X20 pro full rack with all kinds of commercial additions.

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Force also offer things like utility benches, bars and weight plates, and attachments for their racks to expand your training options. Across all these areas they’re pretty good, and have consistently high standards with a product line that – once again – ranges from excellent to above average, and cheap to expensive.

The ranger barbell is a decent cheap weightlifting bar, while the gunner is an affordable all-rounder to keep up with their other mid-range products. The plates are decent quality and come in a range of materials and prices. The range of attachments for racks and other systems are great, offering enough aftermarket bells and whistles to compete with rogue or even your local commercial gym equipment.

Force are a great place to look for an enormous range of products that will suit almost any budget. You won’t find the elite of bars or plates here, but a strong mid-level fitness brand with plenty of high quality equipment and some of the widest range of racks and accessories around.

5 Best Gym Equipment Brands - For Home + Gyms (3)

  • Strong contender with rep for mid-range home gym equipment
  • MyRack and other customisable options are great for personalising the home gym
  • Price points are balanced towards beginner purchases and strong basics
  • Other brands have higher quality
  • Other brands could be more cost effective (at the expense of quality)

Go to Force USA

Best All Rounder Gym Equipment Company

Titan Fitness

Titan are one of the more ‘swingy’ brands on the market due to a great balance of cost and features but a little bit of a sticky reputation for quality assurance. Titan had a few major problems back in the early 2010s but the consistent work on the QA, machining, and fixtures have seen them improving significantly since then.

There are still occasional problems but they’re now rare enough that we feel more comfortable recommending them as a brand. We don’t like Titan as much as brands like Rogue or Rep, but they do offer a good upper-entry-level series for a number of products like the X-3 racks and their associated conversion kits.

Titan is doing better every year and they seem to be one of the most interesting ‘redemption arc’ providers. We like some of titan’s equipment but it’s definitely good to make sure you’re checking on the specifics of each product and giving appropriate research time to all the options – just to make sure it’s one of the best products in the range and competes well for the price-tag.

5 Best Gym Equipment Brands - For Home + Gyms (4)

  • Good entry level brand turning their reputation around
  • Great options for racks and similar large products
  • Some inconsistency in the range but generally good products for home gym use
  • Other brands have a greater range of products
  • Other brands have higher quality

Go to Titan Fitness

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Best Entry Level Home Gym Equipment Manufacturer

Sunny Health and Fitness

Sunny Health and Fitness are – like Titan – a swingy brand with some very high value options and some lower quality ones. We recommend generally sticking to the larger and more “fundamental” products like their excellent half-rack, which is a great way to get a full-feature squat rack for your home gym at a good price.

However, some of their more ‘infomercial’ products do come with major drawbacks that need to be balanced against their cost. Sunny is definitely an entry-level brand but this doesn’t always show in their products, with some punching well above weight to compete with brands like Rep in specific areas.

Sunny are just one of the more reputable low-cost options for a variety of equipment. They shine when they are competing on the price of a nameless “white label” amazon product, but offering some more reliable customer service, quality assurance, and usually a significantly better product.

5 Best Gym Equipment Brands - For Home + Gyms (5)

  • Entry level with great savings and accessible prices – though with fewer features than the best gym equipment brands
  • Inconsistent range with some amazing deals and some less-inspiring products (e.g. the mini spin bikes)
  • Not focused on one type of product which could mean quality isn’t perfect

Go to Sunny Health and Fitness

How Should You Judge Fitness and Home Gym Equipment Brands?

One of the most important challenges of buying gym equipment brands online is navigating the varied quality and reliability of brands through marketplaces like amazon. These places offer many brands and might be your first place to look for economy products with convenient shipping – but the quality is less reliable than through a single, well-known vendor.

Reputation and Market Position

A reputation is a good thing to use as a place to start with any brand or product. Those in the know – anyone with extensive experience – is going to have a general opinion on a brand due to their priorities, the design philosophy they employ, and how they fit a specific set of user-needs.

It’s important to consider these seriously but also to remember that things like the price of a product within the market and a brand’s range – or just what a user is looking for – makes a significant difference.

Reviews and Customer Experience

3rd party reviews are a great way to get outside of the murk of individual reviews and offers a great way to get soe high-level perspective. Individual product and customer service reviews are useful, but need to be weighed up against the positive, negative, and mixed reviews for the same product or brand.

These are just useful for cutting through ther noise of a wide variety of reviews to get some first-hand experience and “on average” perspective on products.

Domestic production and regulations

It’s also good to buy domestic – where the proper regulations and practices around manufacturing predominate. Using reliable domestic brands is a great way to save immense amounts of money on shipping premiums for non-specialist products.

You might want to buy an expensive Eleiko or ZKC Olympic weightlifting barbell, but your squat rack is best bought local. This ensures better value, reliable design regulations, and a customer service experience that comes from being within the same market – avoiding the difficulty of negotiating good customer service out of a brand based 1000s of miles away with no local accountability.

What To Look For In A Home Gym Equipment Brand?

Quality Of Products

The first and most important factor is the general balance of product quality and design that a brand is known for. Brands like Rogue, for example, are known for producing high-quality and durable USA-made home gym equipment with good bulk and an upper-medium total quality.

The quality of products is ultimately what you’re paying for, and thus the first place to look. Regular poor reviews around a brand’s products indicate that there’s a larger problem with their manufacturing process.

The word-of-mouth reputation of a brand (as seen in reviews like this) can really count for a lot. It’s a way to get expectations of a brand’s offerings and how they measure up.

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Balance Of Value And Quality

Any home gym product needs to strike a balance between quality and cost. Value is where this balance comes down: how much benefit do you get per dollar spent with a brand?

Rogue is a higher cost, higher quality range. Other economy options go the other way to provide great prices with slightly lower quality builds, for example. Your budget and the brand’s reputation for well-balancing these factors are both important.

Customer Service And Reputation

The reputation for taking care of problems for customers in a timely and friendly fashion is important. While a good product won’t need much support, it’s still good to know that a company you’re paying will care for you if anything goes wrong – even if it’s unlikely.

Square dealing is a great thing for a brand to be known for and the quality of customer service – just like the quality of products – is amalgamated from the experiences of other customers and word-of-mouth experience with a brand.

This extends out to the quality assurance process and the reliability of getting what you paid for. Brands with reputations for quality assurance problems (like Titan used to have) are really difficult to get along with – since they typically need multiple calls to solve problems. Good reputations save you time, effort, and stress getting a specific missing part delivered, or a re-machined piece of steel.

Home Gym Equipment Brands: FAQ and Important Facts

What Is The Best Brand For Home Gym Equipment?

Most people will say that Rogue is the best brand for home gym equipment due to the compromise they strike between price and cost. With an upper-mid cost compared to the market, the product quality is the same you’d get in a CrossFit box – a commercial experience every time.

Other choices for the best home gym equipment brands include Rep Fitness for a more economy version of this balance. Equally, you could go to the premium extremes of brands like Eleiko and ZKC which offer Olympic-quality products with the corresponding price.

The best brand for home gym equipment depends on your price point and your needs – and it’s important to evaluate them for each product or sub-set. There’s no single best home gym equipment brand, but there is usually a best choice for your set of needs – and that’s why we do review lists!

What Is The Most Versatile Home Gym Equipment?

For most home gyms, the best investment and most versatile equipment will be a barbell, plates, and power cage. Otherwise, gymnastic rings and dumbbells are great choices. A pull-up bar may also be a contender for most versatile home gym equipment.

Other choices which are more niche include resistance bands, a cable pulley machine, or a multi-trainer all-in-one home gym setup. These are deliberately versatile but often come with the price tag to reflect their many functions.

Who Makes The Highest Quality Gym Equipment?

The highest quality gym equipment varies by producer. Eleiko and ZKC make the best barbells and plates, while Ghost strength and Eleiko make the best fixtures such as racks and competition quality benches.

Remember that the highest quality may not be the best choice. For most people, the price-balance of a brand like Rogue fitness or Rep fitness may be the best quality they need for the best price. The compromise between quality and cost is just as important – especially for building a home gym on a budget.

Who Can Benefit From A Home Gym?

Everyone can benefit from a home gym – but specifically those with a busy lifestyle, odd shift patterns, or extra cash to really personalise around training needs. The more specific you can be to the exercises and priorities of your training, the more useful a home gym becomes.

It’s also a great way to save yourself money and time in the long-run, where commuting, gym hours, and memberships add up to become a NET loss compared to smart home gym building!

What Basic Gym Equipment Do I Need At Home?

The absolute most basic home gym is a kettlebell, gymnastic rings, and resistance bands. This is enough to get a comprehensive training experience, even if it’s a bit narrow on possible training options.

For most people, the most basic home gym setup is a barbell, plates, and power cage. Add a bench, and you can train just about everything, expanding out to options like dumbbells and other more-specific choices over time as your funds and strength allow or dictate.

What Equipment Do You Need To Start A Home Gym?

You don’t need much – you can get into a mazing shape with a set of gymnastic rings alone. A weight for lower body training – usually a kettlebell – can also add a lot of value. Then you can add resistance bands to open up more versatility.

The standard choice is to lean into weight training – which has some very-efficient purchases like a barbell and weight plates. These require some practice for best-results, but have the benefit of lasting forever and being a great investment relative to results.

Final Word

Brands like Rogue, Rep, and Force USA all compete for the best product line on the market depending on what you’re looking for and what you have to spend. These are probably our top 3 competitors, but they’re also competitive with others like Titan and Sunny which offer different niches, different products, or a different balance of quality and cost.

It’s no use having one go-to brand, but a handful of 3-6 primary options like the ones we’ve discussed today are great so that you can get a feel for the market. Any home gym equipment purchase is going to be a lot of money, so getting savings or a better product will really add up over time.

Refer to each of these brands for your personal needs and make sure to have a sit-down to think about what your priorities are – features, budget, build quality, and the time you expect to spend with a product. If you’re true to these ideas and check out these brands, you’re off to the best start!


What equipment should I have in my home gym? ›

For most home gyms, you'll want a weight rack, a versatile barbell, a solid weight bench, and a set of weight plates at the minimum. Other pieces of equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells, plyo boxes, and cardio machines can be essential too depending on how you like to work out.

What gym equipment is best for building muscle? ›

11 Best Gym Equipment for Muscle Building
  1. Preacher Bench This equipment, which is also called the preacher curl machine, is vital in building the biceps muscles. ...
  2. Pec Deck machine. ...
  3. Leg Press Machine. ...
  4. Hammer Strength Machine. ...
  5. Pull up Bar. ...
  6. Leg Extension Machine. ...
  7. Cables and Pulleys. ...
  8. Bench press.
3 Aug 2018

What is the best exercise equipment for beginners? ›

Learn about the best gym equipment for beginners by reading below.
  • Jump Rope. When it comes to beginning to work out, you can't go wrong with a jump rope. ...
  • Pull-Up Bar. ...
  • Balance Trainer Ball. ...
  • Resistance Bands. ...
  • Kettlebell Weights. ...
  • Plyo Box. ...
  • Rock Climbing Rings. ...
  • Yoga Mat.
3 Mar 2021

Are home gyms worth it? ›

Even if you decide to stick with a gym membership, you'll likely find that having some equipment at home is a huge advantage on days where you just can't make it or are short on time. At the end of the day, a home gym is definitely worth it!

Are home gyms effective? ›

Going to the gym isn't the only way to get in a great workout. Working out at home can be just as effective. While a gym provides a dedicated space, home workouts offer more flexibility and can be more efficient. It all depends on how you use your time and equipment to maximize your effort.

Which gym equipment is best for weight loss? ›

Top 4 best machines for weight loss at the gym
  • Rowing machine.
  • Assault bike.
  • Treadmill.
  • Stair climber machine.
20 Jul 2020

Which gym equipment is best for belly fat? ›

The following are among the most popular and effective workout machines used for reducing belly fat.
  • Treadmill.
  • Elliptical.
  • Stairmaster.
  • Stationary bike.
  • Rowing machine.
10 Nov 2020

What equipment do body builders use? ›

Most Important Bodybuilding Equipment To Buy

Bodybuilding does include eating right and some cardio as well but without weight training, it would be incredibly difficult to bodybuild at a competitive level. Barbells, dumbells, and weights to put on barbells are all important pieces of equipment to have.

Which is better machines or free weights? ›

In general, weight machines are a great tool for beginners, as they teach proper form and reduce the risk of injury. Free weights, on the other hand, allow you to work more muscles and promote functional fitness.

What is the best multi gym to buy? ›

The best multigyms for home use 2022
  1. DKN Studio 7400 Compact Home Multi Gym. The best multigym for home overall. ...
  2. Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym. The best compact multigym. ...
  3. York Perform Multi-Gym. ...
  4. Opti 50kg Home Multi Gym. ...
  5. Marcy MD-9010G Home Gym Smith Machine. ...
  6. ONETWOFIT Power Tower. ...
  7. V-fit LGF-2 Herculean Cobra Home Multi Gym.
16 Mar 2022

What equipment at the gym is best for weight loss? ›

Top 4 best machines for weight loss at the gym
  • Rowing machine.
  • Assault bike.
  • Treadmill.
  • Stair climber machine.
20 Jul 2020

Which gym machines reduce belly fat? ›

The following are among the most popular and effective workout machines used for reducing belly fat.
  • Treadmill.
  • Elliptical.
  • Stairmaster.
  • Stationary bike.
  • Rowing machine.
10 Nov 2020

Are home gyms any good? ›

Great for Any Fitness Level

Home gyms are a convenience for people who want a full body workout in their own home. More advanced users will probably want to focus on weight-based home gyms. These gyms are great for building muscle over the entire body with 50-60 different exercise options.

Are home gyms effective? ›

Going to the gym isn't the only way to get in a great workout. Working out at home can be just as effective. While a gym provides a dedicated space, home workouts offer more flexibility and can be more efficient. It all depends on how you use your time and equipment to maximize your effort.

How do you get a flat stomach at the gym? ›

How to Get a Flat Stomach at the Gym - YouTube

How many reps should I do? ›

Choose Your Reps and Sets

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends 4 to 6 repetitions with heavier weight for hypertrophy (increased muscle size), 8 to 12 repetitions for muscular strength and 10 to 15 reps for muscular endurance.

Which gym equipment burns the most calories? ›

Based on our calculations, the elliptical machine comes out on top – burning over 800 calories per hour. However, treadmills were a close second and both cycling/rowing are still a great way to work up a sweat. Different machines work different muscle groups, so be sure to tailor your workouts to your individual goals.

What machine is best for belly fat? ›

  1. Treadmills. Treadmills are one of the best exercise machines to lose belly fat because you're doing cardio on them. ...
  2. Elliptical Trainers. ...
  3. Spin Bikes. ...
  4. Rowing Machines. ...
  5. Stair Climbers. ...
  6. Captain's Chairs. ...
  7. Vibration Plates.

How long should you workout in the gym? ›

World Health Organization recommends at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise, five times a week, or 150 minutes. Most people feel they need to spend hours in the gym to get the body they desire.

How can I lose my stomach fat? ›

To battle belly fat:
  1. Eat a healthy diet. Focus on plant-based foods, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and choose lean sources of protein and low-fat dairy products. ...
  2. Replace sugary beverages. ...
  3. Keep portion sizes in check. ...
  4. Include physical activity in your daily routine.


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