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Breaking & Entering, also known as burglary, or simply B & E, is the crime of entering a residence, place of business, vehicle, or structure without having permission or with the intent of stealing property (goods), or other offence. This also includes any attempt to break in, or damage done during an attempt to break into a residence, building, vehicle, animal pen or structure, or, any attempt to break out of one.

In Toronto, prosecutors and other law enforcement officers have no tolerance for individuals who are charged with committing burglary, and usually take any necessary measures to make sure you will be prosecuted to the maximum possible. Retaining an experienced b & e defence lawyer to fight on you behalf during the process is the only likelihood you have of successfully defending against the evidence and accusations to winning your case.

Penalties for Breaking and Entering in Canada

B & E penalties depend greatly on the circumstances surrounding the crime.Breaking and Entering (B & E) » The Criminal Law Team (1) Before sentencing, a judge will take many factors into consideration, such as:

  • where the alleged break-in occurred
  • time of break-in
  • weapons or tools used during the break-in
  • the amount of damage done to the structure
  • if anyone was injured during the break-in or escape
  • if anyone was in the building during the break-in
  • value of property stolen

All these factors will be in consideration during sentencing. Minor b & e charges may result in the defendant being fined or having to pay damages to the victim. According to the Criminal Code of Canada, more serious b & e charges may result in jail time up to ten years, and a judge may add higher fines, extended probation, community service work, restitution, or other.

Are you facing Breaking and Entering (B&E) Charges in Toronto?

A criminal record will inevitably limit your ability to travel, cause difficulty in acquiring a job, and have lasting affects with your family & relationships. If you are facing b & e charges, the best chance you have in protecting your future rights and privileges is to consult with an experienced Toronto b & e lawyer with a proven track record of successful outcomes.

Though you may believe your case is lost already, and the prosecution has overwhelming evidence to have you charged, there are approaches that a expert criminal defence lawyer can use to successfully oppose even the most challenging and complex of breaking and entering charges. It requires an exhaustive examination of the circumstances and a thorough understanding of the subject to determine the best approach for your case.

Toronto Criminal Lawyers Stephen Hebscher & Bruce Karten have defended several hundred individuals charged with breaking and entering. Their intention is to protect your rights, counter the accusations against you, negotiate on your behalf, and have the charges decreased, or dismissed completely. In court, our law team will present a solid and compelling defence based on sound facts. Our Toronto b & e lawyers have strategies to oppose your charges, and we’re committed to carrying out all we can to support you in avoiding a conviction.

See what our other clients are saying about us. We can help you too! For a free confidential consultation, give us a call today.

Client Testimonials

I appreciate the quick response. Stephen Hebscher gave me extremely good advice about my situation. I was being extorted by an employee of mine,and he helped me resolve the matter within days. Now I don¹t have this black cloud hanging over my head. I will highly suggest Stephen and The Criminal Law Team to anyone that needs the help of an experienced criminal lawyer! Thanks again!


I came to Stephen Hebscher with a somewhat irregular case. Both my spouse and I had been mutually charged with domestic assault, a legal situation that neither of us had wished upon each other. While my spouse's lawyer had been content to seek mutually binding peace bonds, Stephen was able to get in front of the case and negotiate a withdrawal of both of our charges- the best possible outcome on BOTH sides of the table–once we successfully completing the PARs program. I remain entirelypleased with Stephen's competency, professionalism and accessibility, and wouldnot hesitate to recommend him as a criminal defence lawyer. L.A.

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Mr. Hebscher: I would like to thank you for your excellent representation of me in relation to the domestic assault charges that you worked so hard to have withdrawn. You have made a critical difference in my future and I am very happy with the outcome. I also appreciate your hard work, and the extra time and effort you have put in to deal with all the other issues that came along. I thank you for being a phone call away (or email) even when you did not have to be. I will gladly recommend your services to any of my friends or family should they ever need it. I am very grateful for what you have done.

M.B. Toronto

Dear Bruce KartenI wanted to send a note to express my family’s gratitude for everything you have done for my brother. With his mental illness, and the serious charges that were laid against him that included arson and endangering life under the Criminal Code of Canada, we were terrified of what was going to happen to him. These charges could well have resulted in him being sentenced to jail for a period of 10 years or more.I did not know what to expect when I made that first call to you, Bruce, but through the months it took to resolve this, your professionalism, knowledge and patience in explaining what you were planning to do in a way that we were able to understand, made us feel less anxious and more hopeful. Thanks to you, his charges were substantially reduced and he received a sentence that allowed him to continue to receive the medical help he needs to recover and look to putting his life back together. Any period of jail would have been devastating to his chances of recovering from this devastating situation. We would recommend you, Bruce Karten, without hesitation, to anyone in need of an excellent criminal defense lawyer.Thank you,Shirley, T., Whitby, Ontario

Dear Mr. Hebscher: I wish to commend and thank you for your recent handling of my friend’s court case. Your compassionate and thorough scrutiny of the circumstances lead to a withdrawal verdict. Thank you so much. I was most impressed and should I ever be in a similar serious situation you will be the first person I call. Again, you represent all the good side of lawyers.C.M.Toronto, ON

Dear Mr. Hebscher: I would like to take this opportunity to thank you ever so much for your great professionalism and humane service to me at a time of profound confusion and in dire need of legal counsel. From my first introduction via telephone, your voice made me feel comfortable. Dealing with you from the beginning to end kept me reassured I was in good hands. The final outcome of my court case, which was “withdrawn” confirmed that I truly had a good lawyer on my side and it was your advocacy that convinced the crown. I would highly recommend you to anyone in need of an excellent criminal lawyer. Once again, I thank you and God bless.M.J.Toronto

Excellent news!

I am impressed especially after our meeting on Monday – I was resigned that something bad would befall me, so I am very blessed to have this outcome. I thank you for the hard work that you have put into this case, and the dedication on getting me this fantastic outcome!I am so glad that we retained you as my lawyer! You have done an outstanding job and allowed me to now rebuild my life. Thank you, Bruce Karten.

Dave B. (Ajax, Ontario)

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We were referred to Stephen Hebscher when our child was in need of legal representation. He was charged with sexual assault. As parents, we were quite frightened for our child but Mr. Hebscher was the calm voice of reason. We are very grateful to Mr. Hebscher for the excellent results he got for our child, as the charges were dropped.

J.N. (Toronto, Ontario)

Mr. Hebscher is a very professional lawyer who takes pride in his work and because of this the end result was the judge ruling me not guilty and I got my innocence and life back. My family and I would like to thank you again Stephen Hebscher for doing a wonderful job and also being a very supportive man.

Chris T. (Scarborough, Ontario)

I am happy to report that Bruce’s superior negotiation strategy and ability to present facts effectively helped convince the Crown to reduce his position. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bruce for getting my charge withdrawn and keep my criminal record clean.

J.S (Toronto, Ontario)

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I looked and found Barrister Stephen Hebscher I introduced myself and my case and after listening to all details he was able to ensure me that my case would go well. All charges against me have be thrown out and my life is back to normal.

Blair H. (North York)

Bruce ...The care and concern you showed us during our dealings certainly helped to reduce the stress we were under. I would recommend you without a second thought. Your winning record is a bonus as well. My husband and myself can't thank you enough for all you've done for our family.

Debi T. (Mississauga, Ontario)

Dear Mr. Hebscher...There are not enough words to express my appreciation for me your undivided attention at all times, work in my case with your heart and soul, that makes you "ONE OF A KIND" lawyer.

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Ahmed A. (Brampton, Ontario)

Mr. Bruce Karten was able to help to extricate me from a very serious criminal case containing severe charges, including weapons –threat to use weapons, death threat, harassment,etc. He succeeded in winning my case. I was discharged; was able to keep my career, and no criminal record. This was a tremendous accomplishment, and I am very appreciative of that.

Nickolai V. (Toronto, Ontario)

Again, from the depth of our hearts we sincerely thank you very much for being my Counsel on this case. We now can say you are the BEST and we will surely recommend you to our friends and anybody here we know who needs the best Lawyer in Ontario. You have done an extremely good job and we are very happy with the outcome this morning.

Roman A. (Markham, Ontario)

Mr. Hebscher was the only lawyer who gave me hope and made me feel like I had a real fighting chance. I am extremely satisfied with the quick results that he delivered, and I am happy to say that he was able to convince the court to drop the charges against me and clear my name.

Tina M. (Toronto, Ontario)

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