How To ESCAPE The Matrix In 5 Steps: Create Your Reality (2023)

We’re going to talk about some ways you can escape from what we call the MATRIX. Now I know that a few of your problem not sure what the matrix is, and how it works, right?

To start with I’m not talking about the movie, I’m talking about a construction that society has created that we basically impose on ourselves. A control structure if you like, but one that we actually impose and wrap ourselves in.

We do this to the point where we control and limit our own lives, but also the lives of others and of society in general, because we stop progression from happening.

It’s important stuff.

Let’s just understand the reality first before we talk about the matrix and how to escape from the matrix.

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IMPORTANT Update 2022

UPDATE 2022: The best way to escape the matrix is to create or grow an online business. This will empower you with money, and more time. This means you can DO what you love and what you want. To learn more about this, book a free call with our team to learn about our online business mastermind!

The reality of our lives and the world

REALITY: We are all inter-dimensional infinite beings of light love and consciousness.

We’re on this earth this planet in this incarnation to perform a mission or to fulfil a purpose that we were each given before birth.

This all follows the same sort of thing which is that we are all pure consciousness, we’re all infinite, and we create our own reality now before you click away because this sounds like nonsense just bear in mind that every single part of your life right now, is a choice.

Everything’s a choice

Your financial situation, your relationship situation, even your happiness in a large part is just a choice that you’ve made through a series of decisions you made.

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When you realise that, you understand that you can actually change any aspect of your life at any time, you can decide to be more financially abundant for example…

You can decide to be happy, and you can start to attract the relationship that you want, you can decide where you live, even what you do for work, what you do for a job.

You can completely control and create your own reality!

You don’t have to hang around with negative people, maybe you’re thinking that you’re constantly feeling down because you’re always hearing depressing stories from people?

You don’t have to hang around with those people!

You don’t have to listen to those negative stories. You don’t even have to watch the news, if you don’t want to. In fact, I would suggest no watching the news AT ALL, because it’s almost ALL negative.

It’s all choices you make, and each of these individual choices affect your life and your reality much more than you think. So like I said the beginning, life is much more than just going to work paying taxes and then dying. You are infinite and immortal, and your soul will continue after this life.

So when you put it in that perspective, you need to make the most of his life, and fulfil your purpose so that your soul can progress to wherever you believe it will go on to.

We hold ourselves back and limit ourselves

But like we said at the beginning of this article, we stop ourselves from being happy fulfilling a purpose and achieving a potential with what we will call in this article, the matrix.

What is the matrix?

The matrix as popularised by the film, is a CONTROL system that not only has been put onto you, but that you put onto yourself almost willingly.

Most of us don’t realise we are trapping ourselves in this way, and most of us have no idea how to escape from the reality this matrix we’ve created, even once we realise we are in it.

How to escape the Matrix

Here’s some powerful ways you can ESCAPE this control system that society and you have put on yourself, and start living the life you ACTUALLY want.

1: Detach from what people think of you

Completely detached from what other people think about you and your life. What they think about your life doesn’t really matter, you shouldn’t let it affect your reality because they’re on their own journey.

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They might have their own self limiting beliefs, negativity, programming, and all this other junk in their brain and in their subconscious minds… So what they think about what you’re doing really shouldn’t matter to you.

A sad truth?

The most common form of this reality limiting is usually from either your friends or teachers or your parents.

Most of the time these people or, these groups of people don’t actually realise that they are limiting you and have no idea what the matrix is.

They don’t actually know that they’re not only holding themselves back through programming and specifically subconscious programming, but they’re holding you back too.

For example let’s say when you’re a kid you are considering what to do with your life, and times of the job or a career most of you will have been told things like:

  • The harder you work the more money you earn
  • You need to get a job
  • You can ONLY earn lots when you’ve progressed through a company and got promoted
  • You have to work 9-5
  • Making money isn’t easy
  • You need a secure income meaning you need to work for somebody else

These are all complete nonsense, and in reality (the reality is that I create for myself) these are not true statements.

But like I’ll explain in this article and another post is well, it’s a choice whether these things become true for you. It’s is a complete choice that you can decide to make, if you don’t want to work for somebody else you don’t have to.

It’s your choice what your reality is

There are many ways of earning money and working for another company or another person it’s just one of tens of thousands of ways that you could make money.

You can make money passively, meaning you can make money while you sleep if you set the system is up for that. You can make money actively, or you can make 50 grand on one phone call if you know what you’re doing.

Most of it just comes down to a decision which is usually made by the programming you’re given as you grow up and as you become a young adult.

2: Identify your self limiting beliefs

So the next one is to identify your self limiting beliefs.

Now this is gonna take some work it’s not going to be as easy as it sounds, but if you do this then you’ll be able to basically control your life control the reality and live the life you want to.

(Video) 432 Hz Tesla Guided Meditation straight to Your Subconscious Mind - Journey Through Space in 4k

Start with every single aspect of your life, like for example how much money you earn, and ask yourself why am I not earning 10 times that amount right now. Why am I working for somebody else, or why do I have to do a certain amount of hours in the week, and you’ll find it usually comes down to a few statements which you believe are true.

For example in order to make more money, you need to work more hours. It’s just an idea! In order to earn a high salary you need to be working 90 hours a week. Again completely not true.

The only true reality of income and career, is that you will get paid according to the value you deliver to people in the world.

So if you can find a way to deliver more value in the form of articles like this one, for example writing blog articles, creating a book creating a product, then there is no limit to how much you can earn.

3: You can decide where you live

The next one is that you can decide where you live. The chances that you were born in the perfect place for you to live, are very low.

You might be better suited to living in Spain by the beach, so that you have sunshine around you all year round. You might be better suited to a cold climate like in Scandinavia. You really need to consider WHERE you want to live, and how you can get that.

Working for yourself, working remotely, or just looking at jobs in the place you want to live in.

I do actually have a course explaining how to do this by the way, and it’s basically a course that explains how to take something you’re passionate about; a skill, knowledge, information, and turn that into a passive income business which gives you $3000 to $5000 a month.

4: Take control of your health

You need to take control of your health and your body, and this means doing things like meditating, like getting enough sleep, like taking nootropics like mind lab pro.

Mind Lab Pro is a powerful nootropic, which is basically a cognitive enhancer it lets your brain do incredible things. It optimises the way your brain chemistry works, and the way that your neurons fire in a way that lets you achieve more and think faster.

You also want to consider going vegan or at least plant-based for the vast majority of your calories, because that is the ultimate fuel for the body. Meat and dairy cause huge inflammation.

But like I said at the beginning what are the biggest ways you can create your reality is just to remember that everything is a choice. If you’re feeling down and depressed for example at work because you don’t enjoy the job you’re doing, you can quite literally tomorrow start looking for new jobs.

Apply for new jobs, start your own business, start your consulting business, or even apply to volunteer abroad where they pay your accommodation in exchange for a few hours at work every day.

(Video) Tiësto - Adagio For Strings

The options are limitless, you can decide any of the stuff… if you don’t like your job leave your job.

5: Avoid negativity in your life

If you are not happier after spending time with someone than before you hang out with them then you shouldn’t be hanging out with them.

You should always feel happier AFTER you’ve spent time with someone; if not then you need to consider why you’re bothering to spend your energy and time with that person.

They should be uplifting you and vice versa.

And if you’re not doing that is there is really an imbalance and you need to consider why am I even doing this.

When I could decide out of the whole world who to be friends with, and who to give your time and energy to, why would you choose to give it to someone who doesn’t make you feel good about yourself and who you don’t make them feel good about themselves?

Escape the matrix by CHOOSING your reality

Almost every single aspect of your life is a choice, and a series of decisions that you’ve made over the last few years. But the good news is that, that means you can change anything!

You can decide how it’s going to be, and what your reality will actually be for you. So watch the other videos that I’ve mentioned, because they really give a more detailed contacts on things like going vegan (scroll up) on finding your purpose, and on creating a business that lets you work from anywhere.

Being a digital nomad is a very good option for people especially young people because it enables you to work on things you love doing, from anywhere in the world.

Above all else?

Remember that you’re infinite, divine and special.

You’re powerful beyond imagination, and you can create the reality that YOU want. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

IMPORTANT Update 2022

UPDATE 2022: The best way to escape the matrix is to create or grow an online business. This will empower you with money, and more time. This means you can DO what you love and what you want. To learn more about this, book a free call with our team to learn about our online business mastermind!

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