John Russell | Psychic, Paranormal Investigator, Author (2022)

John Russell has been a professional psychic for 50 years
Internationally known, he has provided psychic readings for clients in over 40 countries

Hi, I'm John Russell. I am a full-time professional psychic. I provide psychic readings by phone for a worldwide clientele, and new clients are always welcome! My readings by phone are every bit as accurate as an in-person reading; the reason is that a true psychic gift isn't restricted by the physical limitations of time, space, or distance that hamper normal communications.

I never use computer or software-generated readings, automated devices, or any other types of gimmicks in my psychic readings, nor do I merely offer "by the book" interpretations; rest assured that you will receive an authentic psychic reading delivered to you by authentic means.

Over the decades I have studied, investigated, and practiced an abundance of psychic/paranormal disciplines: I am experienced in psychometry, clairvoyance (remote viewing), séances, telekinesis, crystal ball gazing, ghosts, hauntings, ESP, paranormal investigations, UFOS, mediumship, Tarot readings, healing/remote healing, utilizing crystals, stones, Runes, and many, many other aspects of the psychic, occult, spiritual, religious, and paranormal realms.

I look forward to putting my many years of experience and expertise to work for you with a practical psychic reading that will help you to move ahead in your life in positive ways, and that will encourage you as you move forward in your own spiritual journey.

John Russell | Psychic, Paranormal Investigator, Author (1)John Russell | Psychic, Paranormal Investigator, Author (2)John Russell | Psychic, Paranormal Investigator, Author (3)
"A good psychic reader is hard to find, but I've found one...JOHN RUSSELL!"

"As a clairvoyant myself, I'm the world's biggest skeptic when it comes to practicing psychics. Too many of them are simply good b.s. artists.
"John Russell is that rare person who has a genuine gift. His reading included several very specific insights that turned out to be highly accurate.
"A reading with John is more than just a look into the past, present and future--it's also a reassurance that there's a plan for your life, that you're not alone, and that the challenges you face can be embraced as learning experiences."

— Martha Lawrence, internationally known award winning author of Pisces Rising; coauthor of Trust Works! Executive Editor, The Ken Blanchard Companies

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A 2022 client testimonial

"Thank you John! I really enjoyed my first reading with you!! Previously, I'd heard a couple of your interviews on Coast to Coast and I was so taken with your manner of communication, your accuracy, and personality, I just knew that you were a person I would enjoy connecting with.
"Not knowing quite what to expect, I was so happy with how this session evolved. It went way beyond whatever I expected would occur. Not only were you right on the money with your comments and perceptions—they hit areas that I didn't even think about—and they were areas I needed to hear about! Also, your suggestions for meditation and a number of other topics were real gems. It was a real conversation and it was real comfortable! Geez—I wish you were a neighbor, I know we'd have lots to share.
"Anyway—it was my FIRST reading with you, but not my last. I'm booking a second reading as there will be lots more for me to explore after this first one. You are definitely a very talented guy." — Susan Strong

A 2021 client testimonial

"I spent 30 minutes on the phone with John. I did not know what to expect and I did not want to set expectations in my head. I said a little prayer prior asking for my ego to be gone and my mind to be open and to be protected spiritually.
"When we connected on the phone John was clear and direct. I immediately felt warm positive energy. He immediately stated the name of my nephew who passed 16 years ago whom I can't let go and stop thinking about. He stated that it felt like he recently passed because he was so strong in coming to him. John shared things with me that only my nephew and I knew and shared. I was able to ask questions and convey messages of my own.
"I feel like we made a true connection. I have a world of heaviness lifted from me today. I shared this information with my nephew's mom and we both had a healing cry. Thank you John so much!!! You are a blessing to your profession, to spirits who have passed and to me!" — Jennifer Bessey

(Video) A Psychic Medium's Chillingly Accurate Reading For a Grieving Family | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN

"John is a great counselor with an abnormally accurate insight for the future. When faced with uncertainty or challenging situations, regardless the topic, John can steer one in the right direction. His advice and predictions has always been spot-on." Johannes Schwarz

"JOHN...I want to thank you for the help I received in my reading last week. The information you gave was not only accurate, but it was a great comfort to me. You have been a true and loyal friend and I will continue to recommend you to all my friends who are in need. With best wishes!" Peggy Miles

"He knows, he is for real! Having John to talk with is a most special treat. He is for real, and always is on the target." Carolyn Johnson

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John filmed a TV pilot for The History Channel in which he psychically explored the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.

John Russell | Psychic, Paranormal Investigator, Author (4)
John Russell | Psychic, Paranormal Investigator, Author (5)
(Video) Psychic medium John Edward performs a shocking audience reading

Jim Mullen

Psychic John Russell was filmed under the direction of multi-award-winning producer Jim Mullen for a TV pilot for The History Channel where John psychically investigated mysteries of the past, specifically the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.

In regard to John's TV pilot Jim Mullen said, "As a TV Producer, you have to be open minded about the unorthodox, while still retaining a healthy cynicism. After all, the last thing you want to do is pull one over on the viewer.

"When I produced John's pilot for the History Channel, I walked into the scenario weighted toward the cynical side. But John, in his humble and understated way, blew away all expectations.

"His insights into historical and current events (of which he had ABSOLUTELY NO knowledge of before being thrust into the situation) were nothing short of astounding. When you leave the country's foremost Lincoln scholars wanting for more, you know there's something big going on."

Jim Mullen, New York City—Multi-award-winning Producer, Director, Writer, Editor

For over 15 years he has been a popular featured guest, heard worldwide, on many radio shows and podcasts on over 60 different stations/podcasts. In the period of a year and a half John was interviewed over 100 times, including appearances on: Coast to Coast AM with George Noory (7 appearances to date) — The Unexplained with Howard Hughes (UK) — FATE Magazine Radio with Kat Hobson — Beyond Reality/Paranormal IRL with JV Johnson — Darkness Radio with Dave Schrader / Tim Dennis — Strange Planet with Richard Syrett — Spaced Out Radio with Dave Scott — The Leak Project with Rex Bear — Shifting the Paradigm with Cristina Gomez — Generation Zed Podcast with Dave Zed — The Unidentified Celebrity Review with Luis Jimenez; and many more.

(Video) Top 10 Real-Life Paranormal Murder Investigations

Click on the radio below to see John's Media page and listen to and watch over 100 interviews with John on radio and podcasts! Feel free to share the media link with others who might enjoy the interviews.

"Few people encapsulate paranormal ideas and theories in a way that makes them relatable, and fewer still do it from such a profound position of experience and vision. My good friend and frequent Beyond Reality guest John Russell is a master of both."

JV Johnson, Host / Beyond Reality with JV Johnson
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John Russell | Psychic, Paranormal Investigator, Author (7)

John was a featured presenter at the Paranormal, Magic & Ancient Folklore Conference.

John Russell | Psychic, Paranormal Investigator, Author (8)

A replay of the event is still available, click the graphic above

John debunked the "Roswell Rock!" Click on the Roswell Rock photo below to read the story:

John Russell | Psychic, Paranormal Investigator, Author (9)

(Video) Psychic Investigators S02E14 Vision Of Murder (Full Episode) Reality, Crime

Readings by John Russell include no guarantee or warranty, express or implied. He is not responsible for any interpretations or information you obtain through the readings, and the information he provides should not replace professional advice pertaining to your area of concern (including, but not limited to, medical, psychological, legal or financial advice). You agree to these terms if you are using the services described on this site.


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