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In the main street of Darkhelm, a tall cloaked figure was standing in front of the grand building of Honeyed Pearl, their gaze firmly fixed on it.

The people passing by this person gulped upon feeling the imposing and sharp aura of this mysterious figure. They did their best to not offend this person, even accidentally.

However, based on how the cloak draped around their figure, it seemed like a woman? Which powerful woman would be standing here in disguise? They guessed a number of noble houses they could think of but couldn't recall coming upon any woman who gave off such an unsettling aura, especially in front of a building like this. No woman with a respectable status and power would come anywhere near here.

There was a large crowd of men in front of the building, as always. Some had been waiting for hours patiently since it would be worth it.

However, suddenly they felt a heavy aura putting pressure on their chests and turned around to see a feminine cloaked figure making her way through the crowd.

The men closest to her immediately jumped to the side like frightened cats since their guts were screaming at them to not confront this mysterious woman even if she was cutting the queue.

No men questioned her as they frantically made way for her while wondering who this powerful woman was and what she was doing here.

The minotaurs standing in front of the entrance saw her approaching and suddenly felt their hands visibly tremoring under the intimidating and overwhelming aura of this mysterious woman.

They were men with hearts of steel who had no fear of death. But this cloaked figure exuded an air of death and blood which made their hearts shiver.

The two minotaurs couldn't even find the strength to open their mouths and ask what her business was about.

"The guest list…Hand it over to me…now," She spoke in a deep, sharp tone, making the two minotaurs unconsciously hand over a paper to her right away.

She carefully read through every single name on the list before handing it back to one of the minotaurs. Her body language exuded a strong sense of doubt as she looked beyond the minotaurs where the main entrance was.

However, after a few moments of standing still, she walked away silently, making the others, especially the minotaurs, sigh in relief. They were totally confused by what had just happened.

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A minute later, Asher had left the Honeyed Pearl through a secret exit and was walking back through another street.

He entered a small building to take off his disguise and came out as the royal consort. However, his brows raised as he saw a tall, cloaked figure suddenly appearing before him.

He smiled with a hint of surprise in his eyes, "So you managed to find me, huh?"

The cloaked figure remained silent for a moment before removing her cloak, revealing a full, heavily armored figure with a large two-handed sword sheathed on her back.

Asher was surprised she tracked him down despite giving her the slip, though she found him a bit too late, and by that time, he had finished what he set out to do. He had to admit Darren wasn't exaggerating about her.

"It's not wise to try and trick me like that, Your Highness. If anything had happened, I wouldn't have been able to reach you in time to help you," Eradicator said in a serious tone.

Asher walked past her as he casually said, "Don't sweat it. I survived all these years without you, so I am sure I will survive just fine."

Eradicator turned around and began to walk behind him as she asked, "Visiting the Honeyed Pearl is not a good thing. It can only damage the queen's prestige."

Asher's expression didn't change, but he asked with narrowed eyes, "I visited the Honeyed Pearl? When? Do you have proof, or did anybody else see me going there? I think my wife wouldn't like to hear a baseless accusation against her consort…don't you think?" Asher knew Eradicator would give a full report of his whereabouts to Rowena, but he stressed the last sentence to make sure she won't open her mouth to her.

Eradicator took a deep breath, not expecting the royal consort to be this cunning. She felt that the queen's promise to not restrict him would be misused by him.

She had never felt helpless about reporting something to the queen. Now that he said it, she doesn't have any proof he was really there, and reporting without any proof wouldn't be right.

"I know, but next time Your Highness shouldn't try to leave me behind. It will be—"

"I don't answer to you just like how you don't answer to me. So me leaving you behind or tricking you is something you have to deal with. As my wife said, you can't control what I do. It will be your responsibility to fulfill your duty," Asher said with a curve of his lips as he continued walking through the street while the people around him lowered their gazes and silently walked past, especially because of the Bloodborn Guard following him around. They knew nothing good would happen if they tried to approach the royal consort now.

Eradicator took in a deep breath, hearing his words. She felt that dealing with the royal consort was not easy. Still, he had a point. It was her duty to ensure his safety. All she had to make sure of was not to be incompetent like before, and he wouldn't be able to slip past her. She was confident now that she won't let him get away from her sight.

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Asher could feel Eradicator's firm determined gaze on his back and smiled, "It seems like you are feeling confident about something, hm?"

"I am confident in not failing my duties again," Eradicator said in her usual deep and serious tone. Her voice was not particularly loud, but it carried a certain weight that commanded attention and respect. Even Asher had to admit she was quite disciplined and steadfast instead of being angry at him for tricking her.


"A game of cat and mouse it is," Asher softly mumbled, to which Eradicator subtly turned her head to look at his back.

A few hours passed when Jarius Thorne timidly entered the Dreadthorne Castle. He didn't forget what Asher told him to do, which was heavily weighing on his mind. He was already sweating just thinking about it.

He didn't even know what to ask his mother or brother. What if they get more pissed at him? It would only be worse if his father was still here.

However, he couldn't find Edmund or his mother anywhere. Knowing that the servants wouldn't know anything, he meekly walked towards his sister's training room after hearing that she was inside. Maybe she would know where the other two went.

Upon reaching the door, he took a deep breath before knocking softly, "E-Elder sister…can I enter? I…I just wanted to ask one small thing."

"Look at that. My little brother is here. Don't be shy and come in, Jarius," A soft giggle sounded from inside, though Jarius only felt more nervous as he slowly opened the door and took a peek.

The room was dark and eerie, with an unsettling atmosphere. He saw his sister dressed in a sexy dark blue baby doll dress that revealed her tempting cleavage and a glimpse of her perfect, round mounds.

But the sight that made him sweat was seeing her feeding on a human who was being hanged from the ceiling by a rope wrapped around his penis!

It was not just one human man, but he saw her feeding on a human woman too, who was hanging beside this man. But the difference was that some strange slimy tentacles were wrapped around the woman's naked body, especially around her breasts, her limbs, and her neck, restricting her in every way.

However, it didn't seem like these tentacles' job was to only restrict her but to pleasure her to death after seeing how these tentacles were not only wrapped around her body but had also entered her nether regions and even her mouth while making a sucking motion on her tits too.

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The woman's eyes were drunk and hazy, her face flushed red just like her body while letting out soft, weak moans. It seemed as if this had been going on for so long that she lost the energy to even moan and was drowning in too much pleasure, coupled with the fact that too much of her blood had been sucked out of her by his sister.

It was quite apparent that this woman had lost all senses to the pleasure she was experiencing.

Jarius knew these two humans were Hunters that Sabina captured during some quest and brought them here to toy with them and feed on them like usual. He could see that she was almost done feeding after seeing a few dead humans lying on the floor, neatly arranged side by side, their faces hollow and gray and their lifeless eyes looking as if their minds had been broken before they died.

But no matter the number of times he had seen such similar sights, he was unable to get used to it. It just made his legs weak, especially now after seeing the sight of that Hunter hanging by his dick.

"Do you know what makes the blood of these humans more tasty, little Jarius?" Sabina asked as she took her fangs out from the neck of the woman who was swimming in a deep pool of pleasure. Her face seemed as if she didn't even feel Sabina's fangs going in and out of her skin but she was smiling with a delirious look.

Jarius stiffly shook his head with a deep breath.

"Haan, it is different for their men and women. When it comes to men…" Sabina had a small flogging whip on her hand and smacked the man's penis with it, making him let out a painful grunt with a red puffy face. Jarius felt his dick shrivel seeing that and hearing the sound it made.

The man's face was haggard with drooping eyelids and mouth. It seemed as if he didn't even have the luxury to beg for the pain and suffering to end, "...pain and fear make their blood taste so much better," She said with a look of delight.

She stepped to the side and caressed the face of the human woman as she continued, "As for their women…pain through pleasure makes their blood taste quite sweet and delicious," Sabina wiped off the leftover blood on the woman's neck with one of her fingers and sucked on it with a blush on her cheeks, "When it tastes so good it turns me on so much…Mnnn~" She let out a muffled moan as she squeezed her own breasts.

"Do you want me to teach you how to do it too, little brother? My methods are still not perfect, but I will get better the more I experiment," Sabina said with a bloodthirsty smile.

Jarius felt a chill go down his spine as he shook his head in a jittery way and stuttered, "I-I…just want to know where…mother and elder brother is…D-Did you happen to see them?" He was ready to run out since he remembered how, a few years ago, she suggested he give her a helping hand for her experiments. But that day, he experienced a kind of hell that left him sick for weeks and with a kind of trauma that still exists now.

"What a coincidence. They just entered the castle," Sabina said as she briefly closed her eyes and clicked her tongue when she saw that her experiment was finished seeing how the two humans had already died.

Jarius left right away without even lingering for a second lest she drags him into it out of boredom.

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"Mother, what is so important you had to summon me here now?"

Edmund asked in a slightly frustrated tone as he entered the meeting hall of the castle with his mother.

Esther's cold gaze landed on him as she asked, "After what happened today, you still want to remain ignorant? We will discuss the rest after your sister comes."

Edmund furrowed his brows as he remembered Asher's face.

"Mother, Elder brother," Jarius greeted as he entered the hall, his heart quite tense especially after seeing them.

Esther crossed her arms and looked at her youngest son, "What are you doing here, Jarius? You are supposed to be at the tower, training and not wasting your time here. Go back before I send someone to drag you back there."

"Yeah, runoff, little brother. We don't want you bringing shame to our House and dragging us down even more," Edmund snickered with a lopsided grin.

Jarius clenched his fists behind his back upon hearing his words, but he didn't dare to say anything.

"That's enough, Edmund. Leave, Jarius. We have important business to take care of. Whatever you have to say can wait," Esther said, knowing that he came here for something.

Jarius silently nodded and turned around, only to see his elder sister walking past him with a wink.

He furrowed his brows and wondered what kind of important matter they were going to discuss since all three of them had assembled in the same room.

He quickly took out a dead lizard from his pouch and simply pressed his finger against it, making its eye glow with a faint dark blue light.

With a deep breath, he let it jump out of his hand and quickly left the hall while closing the door behind him.

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