Times Now top among English news channels during week 10'22 (2023)

Times Now has emerged as the Number 1 English News Channel during the week 10'22 (5 -11 March 2022), according to the news channel rating data released by the BARC. The news channel had a 30% share as against its competitor Republic TV with 27% share.
Closely following were India Today TV and CNN News18 with 14% and 13% share, respectively.

Times Now top among English news channels during week 10'22 (1)

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Times Network MD-CEO MK Anand said: “The last two years have been extremely tough, with the pandemic transforming the world. People’s lives changed dramatically altering consumer behavior across all categories, be it food, fashion, holidays, entertainment or news consumption. The news space saw an added disruption with alleged malpractices unearthed in the ratings system impacting viewer sentiment. All in all, there was trepidation when approaching the date, as to how News consumption has changed and how that would impact our shares. We are happy to note that our efforts to keep up with changing consumer preferences has been reciprocated by viewers. Times Now has seen a marked increase in Reach and Time Spent and our Gross Ratings has increased by 20%, vis a vis our performance in 2020 when the ratings were suspended. With renewed consumer appetite for news, the comparative ratings have been shaken up with Times Now shining as the true leader. Our Reach has increased across the Universal TG of 2+, which is an indicator of good health. Besides this, we are stronger in Prime Time than before, and are also showing a marked preference by the reigning TG of 15-60 years. Besides this, Hindi is an important space that we are watching and are happy to see the changes in rankings in that space and welcome the new leader, TV9 Bharatvarsh. Two of the top 3 HNCs being non legacy players is an indicator that the Hindi news viewer wants change. Our attention is now going to be on putting Times Now Navbharat into the top set asap.”


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Most watched, most trusted.. unshakeable news leader

TIMES NOW stamps its dominance

16 years of news domination.. India watches news on TIMES NOW

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TIMES NOW remains at the top pic.twitter.com/z67FLNYQkS

— TIMES NOW (@TimesNow) March 17, 2022



Most watched, most trusted.. Unshakeable news leader

TIMES NOW stamps its dominance

16 years of news domination.. India watches news on TIMES NOW

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TIMES NOW remains at the top. @RShivshankar | @PadmajaJoshi pic.twitter.com/5muevQ6lgt

— TIMES NOW (@TimesNow) March 17, 2022


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