Top 10 Most Popular Indian TV Channels 2022, Most Watched List (2023)

Television channels are incredible part of humans of all age groups and it has become an important pastime for all. Moreover, the Indian based TV channels are more renowned as they are blend of culture, sports, Bollywood, cartoons, etc. displayed on its various renowned channels. Certainly, Indian culture can be supposed as the exact beauty of entire Asian continent. The fashions, the literature as well as the music have its personal uniqueness and singularity displayed on television channels. While discussing the Indian entertainment industry, it is very impossible to disregard the Indian TV channels with a diversity of programmers broadcasted regularly. Get the complete details about the renowned Indian TV channels of 2022 by reading below:

Table of Contents

  • 10. Colors TV
  • 9. Star Plus
  • 7. Zee TV
  • 6. India TV
  • 5. Sony Entertainment
  • 4. Star Cricket
  • 3. Sab TV
  • 2. Zee Cinema
  • 1. Set Max

10. Colors TV

Top 10 Most Popular Indian TV Channels 2022, Most Watched List (1)

Viacom 18 Media Pvt. Limited which was established in year 2007 is a partial kind of joint venture setup running in India between Viacom as well as the Network 18 Group founded in Mumbai. It is known that Viacom 18 possesses and functions many channels of the Viacom group for the viewers of India, as well as accomplish different Viacom’s consumer products in India. In year 2008, Colors was started and later in year 2010, Viacom 18 went global by the launch of Colors in America. Also in the same year, it got into 50/50 distribution joint venture along with Sun Network and Sun 18 was made.

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9. Star Plus

Top 10 Most Popular Indian TV Channels 2022, Most Watched List (2)

Star Plus is basically a Hindi language general entertainment kind of Indian TV channel. This channel is part of 21st Century Fox’s Star India network and most of its shows contain a combination of comedies, family dramas, youth-oriented, reality shows, shows oriented on crime and telefilms as well. Moreover, this channel is too distributed globally by Fox International Channels, which is identified as a subsidiary of 21st Century Fox. Initially, when it was started in year 1992, this TV channel of India was an English-language kind of television channel demonstrating global content from the UK, the U.S., and Australia. But, after STAR finished its relationship with channel-Zee TV, this TV channel was changed into a Hindi-language kind of channel.

8. &TV

Top 10 Most Popular Indian TV Channels 2022, Most Watched List (3)

&TV; (i.e. And TV) is a Hindi language kind of entertainment channel possessed by renowned enterprise- Zee Entertainment Enterprises. Started in form of a General Entertainment Channel from ZEEL association from its “&” bunch it began to broadcast in year 2015. It is revealed that few &TV; shows are too broadcasted on Zee TV Canada, USA, Africa/Mauritius and the Caribbean because this channel has yet not been started there. In Mauritius country, prevalent &TV; shows such as Agent Raghav – Crime Branch, Gangaa, Bhagyalaxmi (TV Series), Santoshi Maa, and Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum are broadcasted greatly on MBC 4 and MBC 2 version.

7. Zee TV

Top 10 Most Popular Indian TV Channels 2022, Most Watched List (4)

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This is another renowned Indian cable as well as satellite television channel possessed and run by Zee Entertainment Enterprises, which are basically a media and entertainment firm from Mumbai. It primarily broadcasts programmes in Hindi language as well as some regional languages of this country. The particular channel is too obtainable in many nations of Europe, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, Australasia and North America. Initially known as a portion of the Essel Group, it began to air in year 1992 as the leading Hindi-language TV channel in India. It is known that shows delivered from Zee TV are too released on the prevalent TV channel MBC Digital 4 (Mauritius).

6. India TV

Top 10 Most Popular Indian TV Channels 2022, Most Watched List (5)

India TV is another Hindi news channel founded in Noida, located in state-Uttar Pradesh of India. The particular TV channel is famous one which was launched in year 2004 by Rajat Sharma and his wife named Ritu Dhawan. Basically the channel is the leading facility of Independent News Service, which was jointly founded by renowned persons namely- Sharma and Dhawan in year 1997. Basically India TV channel possess digital connectivity as well as its Broadcast Centre comprises an area of over 2.9 acres located in Noida, India. IIt is found that INS seeks investment from Keyur Patel, which is a topmost Silicon Valley venture investment as well as media tycoon.

5. Sony Entertainment

Top 10 Most Popular Indian TV Channels 2022, Most Watched List (6)

Sony Entertainment Television (briefly renowned as SET) is a Hindi-language broadcasted channel for providing general entertainment to people. It was founded in year 1995 as well as is possessed by Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt. Ltd. (previously identified as MSM), which is basically a subordinate of Sony Pictures Entertainment. Initially this Indian TV network conveyed C.I.D. and Kaun Banega Crorepati kind of shows. The channel revealed its brand refresh, thorough with a latest logo as well as famous brand identity, and even transformed its logo on occasion of its 21st anniversary.

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4. Star Cricket

Top 10 Most Popular Indian TV Channels 2022, Most Watched List (7)

This is basically sports oriented Indian TV channel that displays the finest of live sports as well as sports-related programmes broadcasted in India. This reputed brand is share of Star India – which is a completely possessed subsidiary of 21st Century Fox. Moreover, it is found that Star India is too the present “Team Sponsor” of the Cricket team of India. Facilitating the group’s assets in matter of content as well as audience engagement, the channel has created finest leaps in changing viewers’ sports ingesting habits in this country.

3. Sab TV

Top 10 Most Popular Indian TV Channels 2022, Most Watched List (8)

SAB TV (alternatively known as Sony SAB) is possessed by famous firm named as Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt. Ltd. Moreover, this is one of the most prevalent Indian Hindi based TV channels focused on entertainment concentrating in comedy as well as light hearted drama shows. The new version-SAB TV HD was started last year on the religious events of Ganesh Chaturthi. The TV channel too rebranded recently in current year to reveal a new appearance as well as new shows. This new version of channel can be obtainable on majority of DTH as well as cable service in India.

2. Zee Cinema

Top 10 Most Popular Indian TV Channels 2022, Most Watched List (9)

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Zee Cinema is a Hindi based satellite film channel in the country based out of Mumbai. The particular channel is renowned as it is possessed by the popular firm- Zee Entertainment Enterprises. This enterprise is a part of Essel Group as well as it broadcasts in various countries across the globe. It is known that this TV channel was previously a share of the STAR TV channel authority. It was founded in year 1995 and it broadcast whole 24 hours a day, airing approximately six movies as well as additional types of film founded programming.

1. Set Max

Top 10 Most Popular Indian TV Channels 2022, Most Watched List (10)

Set Max is a part of Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt. Ltd. which is essentially an Indian based company (before recognized as SET India Pvt. Ltd and later as Multi Screen Media Pvt. Ltd.). It works to manage Sony Pictures’ expanded benefits in this country. Originally, the corporation was made just to execute its TV broadcasting business but after then has grown with the passage of time to supervise the other trades of its parent that were founded as distinct units formerly. It is known that Sony Entertainment Television as well as SAB TV are the major brands of this TV channel though it possesses several other brands under the authority Sony brand.

Among all the Indian TV channels, apparently few channels are prevalent whose names are mesmerised on the tips of people’s tongues. The program broadcasted on such channels possesses great rating as well as they are promoted on a large scale. Moreover, the comedy shows, the drama series, and the reality shows, etc. are not only watched in India, but even watched in other countries across world.


What is the most popular Indian TV channel? ›

During February 12 to 18, 2022, Sun TV was the leading Indian television channel with over 2.5 million viewership across India. STAR Maa and STAR Plus came second and third respectively as the leading channels.

Which is the best news channel in India 2022? ›

  • Aaj Tak. Aaj Tak is a Hindi-language channel that is considered among top 10 news channels in India. ...
  • ABP News. ABP Network Pvt Ltd (ABP) is another best news channel in India 2022. ...
  • 3. News 24. News 24 is a Hindi-language news television channel. ...
  • NDTV India. ...
  • Republic Bharat. ...
  • Zee News. ...
  • Times Now. ...
  • DD News.

Which channel has highest TRP this week? ›

Week 37
1Star Plus200
2Colors TV141
3Sab TV134
4Zee TV109
1 more row

Who is No 1 in TRP? ›

Other important characters of the serial are Gaurav Khanna, Madalsa Sharma, and Sudhanshu Pandey. This week Anupama has earned a TRP rating of 3.1 and once again it is the number one show in the country.
Top 5 Serials on TRP Ratings Week-37.
Name of the SerialAnupamaa
ChannelStar Plus
7 more columns

Who gives TRP ratings in India? ›

BARC (Broadcast Audience Research Council) India is an industry body set up to design, commission, supervise and own an accurate, reliable and timely television audience measurement system for India. It currently measures TV Viewing habits of 210 million TV households in the country, using 44,000 sample panel homes.

Which Indian news channel has highest TRP? ›

Aaj Tak tops the list with the highest market share of 12.4%, followed by India TV which has a 12.3% market share, as per BARC data for Week 24 for 2+ NCCS All India released today. The data also shows News18 India on the third position, TV9 Bharatvarsh on fourth and Republic Bharat on the fifth position.

What is TRP in media? ›

The full form of TRP is Television Rating Point. TRP is a device that signifies a show's success on tv screens. It's being used to evaluate which program has been most viewed on tv screens. TRP provides a measure of people's interests and indicates a specific program's success.

How is TRP calculated? ›

Outside of television, TRPs are calculated using the denominator as the total target audience, and the numerator as the total impressions delivered to this audience x 100. (As in 1,000,000 impressions among the target audience / 10,000,000 people in total in the target audience x 100 = 10 TRPs).

How do I know my TRP rating? ›

Where can I find the TRP ratings of programs in TV channels across India? A body called BARC (Broadcast Audience Research Council) runs a panel that helps measure viewership. Weekly data is produced every Thursday. Subscribing to BARC data, will give you access to program ratings, along with other rich audience data.

Is India Today a good channel? ›

AajTak & AajTak HD have been nation's No. 1 Hindi News channel for 20 years in a row, while India Today TV tops the industry for accuracy and journalistic standards.

Who is the No 1 TRP show in India? ›

Top 10 High TRP Indian Serials
S.noIndian SerialNetwork
1AnupamaStar Plus
2Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata HaiStar Plus
3Ghum Hai Hai Kisi Ki Pyaar MeStar Plus
4Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta ChashmaSab TV
6 more rows

Which serial is lowest TRP? ›

Tera Yaar Hoon Main TRP Rating:

Tera Yaar Hoon Main continues to stay at the bottom of the TRP charts despite having a gripping storyline.

Which is the No 1 TV show in India 2022? ›

Top 10 Indian TV Serials TRP Ratings This Week 2022
RankSerial NameChannel
1Karthika DeepamStar Maa
2AnupamaaStar Plus
3Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar MeiinStar Plus
4Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata HaiStar Utsav
6 more rows
21 Feb 2022

What is good TRP? ›

In today's world, a TRP rating of 3 is considered good and satisfactory. The channel executives and the advertisers will be happy with a steady TRP rating of 3 TRPS's. In Television, as mentioned before BARC releases the list of Number of impressions every Thursday.

Which show has highest TRP ever? ›

Saathiya Scores the Highest TRP in Serial History.

What is TRP of Maddam sir? ›

From 0.5 to 0.7.

How does TV serials earn money? ›

TV serials earn through advertisement revenues. Let me explain the process. TV serials have something called Television Rating Point, or TRP. TRP is an indicator of a show's success.

Does watching on Jio TV increases TRP? ›

Which TV news channel has the most TRP? In english it is ofcourse bbc world news and in hindi it is zee news most of the times. If we watch any shows on Jio TV, will it be counted for TRP? Firstly If Jio TV is member of BARC, and then if your TV is also amongst the Sample, then only your viewing would be counted.

What is the most watched TV station? ›

In 2021, CBS was the leading ad-supported television network in the United States, with an average viewership of 5.6 million.

Which is the world No 1 TV channel? ›

The cable news network (CNN) is a multinational news-based organization headquartered in Atlanta, United States. It is owned by CNN worldwide and was founded by Ted Turner in 1980. CNN was the first television channel that provided 24 hours news and was the first news channel in the United States.

Which is the most watched TV channel in the world? ›

The 10 Most Watched TV Networks in the USA 2020:
  • CBS. 7.14 million viewers on average.
  • NBC. 6.33 million viewers on average.
  • ABC. 5.19 million viewers on average.
  • Fox. 4.62 million viewers on average.
  • Fox News. 2.50 million viewers on average.
  • ESPN. 1.75 million viewers on average.
  • MSNBC. 1.74 million viewers on average.
  • Ion.
5 Sept 2022

Which is the highest TRP show in India 2020? ›

TRP of Indian Serials This Week 2020, Top 5 Indian Television...
  1. Anupamaa (Star Plus) In TRP of Indian Serials This Week 2020: Anupamaa Impression -3.6 Million. ...
  2. Kundali Bhagya (ZeeTV) ...
  3. Imlie (Star Plus) ...
  4. Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein (Star Plus) ...
  5. Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah (SAB TV) / Kumkum Bhagya (ZeeTv)

Which English news channel has highest TRP in India? ›

Times Now has emerged as the Number 1 English News Channel during the week 10'22 (5 -11 March 2022), according to the news channel rating data released by the BARC. The news channel had a 30% share as against its competitor Republic TV with 27% share.

Which Hindi news channel is No 1 in India? ›

1. Aaj Tak. Aaj Tak is one of the oldest news channels of India. It was launched on 31st December 2000 19 years ago.

What is 0.5 TRP? ›

TRP DEFINITIONS: 0.1 to 0.9 (Poor TRP) 1.0 to 1.4 (Avg TRP) 1.5 to 1.9 (Very Good TRP) 2.0 to 2.4 (Fabulous TRP)

What is TRP buying? ›

What is TRP buying? TRP buying lets advertisers familiar with TV campaigns plan and buy video campaigns using Nielsen-verified Target Rating Points (TRPs) on Facebook and Instagram. This allows video campaigns to be planned, bought and reported on in the same way as ads on TV and other online video channels.

What is difference between OTT and TV? ›

What's the difference between OTT and TV? While TV requires a subscription to a cable service or an antenna, OTT content is streamed directly over the Internet and paid for directly by consumers. Consumers can stream OTT content anywhere, at any time—a big perk over traditional TV programming.

How is TRP increased? ›

A show's TRPs increase when more people watch it. Why do channels chase TRPs? It's all about money - a show with higher TRPs has a bigger audience, so advertisers are willing to pay more to advertise on it.

How is TRP used? ›

TRP or Television Rating Point is the tool to judge which programmes are watched the most and to index the viewers' choices. It helps to calculate which channel and the programme are viewed most or it indicates the popularity of a TV channel or a programme.

How much do TV ads cost in India? ›

ChannelRate/10 sec(Rs.)
9-12 noon7500
12-7 pm10000
7-8 pm11519
8-11 pm19001
119 more rows

What is TRP number? ›

TRP ID is a unique identification number provided to tax return preparer who qualifies in the examination conducted at the end of training and they will be eligible to work as a Tax Return Preparers TRPs. They are required to quote TRP ID allotted to them while filing return of income of the Individual or HUF.

Which is the highest TRP show in India 2021? ›

Most popular Indian shows in 2021: Top 10, 5 Most Watched, 3 Highest TRP Rated. Anupama serial of Star Plus remains on top number 1 while Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) also retains its 2nd rank position from last week.

Is time now Godi media? ›

The channel is associated with Godi media and often accused of practicing biased reporting in favour of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and is considered to be a Godi-media by critics.

Which is the best Youtube channel in India? ›

Top 10 Comedy Based Youtubers In India
  • CarryMinati.
  • Bhuvan Bam (BB ki Vines)
  • Amit Bhadana.
  • Ashish Chanchlani (Ashish Chanchlani Vines)
  • Harsh Beniwal.
  • Mostly Sane.
  • The Time Liners.
  • The Viral Fever.
2 Sept 2022

Who runs India Today? ›

India Today (TV channel)
OwnerLiving Media
Key peopleSanjay Sharma (Deputy Editor)
Sister channelsAaj Tak, Tez, Aaj Tak HD
16 more rows

Who is the best serial in India? ›

6 more rows
8 Jul 2022

Which is the most watched serial in India? ›

Here The List of Most Viewed TV Shows in India.
  • Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) ...
  • Kumkum Bhagya. ...
  • Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. ...
  • Ishq Mein Marjawan. ...
  • The Kapil Sharma Show. ...
  • Super Dancer Chapter 4. ...
  • Imlie. ...
  • Ghum Hai Kisi Ki Pyaar Mein. Another Tv Serial that glued the audience to their screens is Ghum Hai Kisi Ki Pyaar Mein.
9 Mar 2022

Is Naagin 6 a flop? ›

Mumbai: The TRP list for the 29th week of the year is out and has proved to be a shocker to fans as Tejasswi Prakash's show Naagin 6 has failed to secure a spot in the top 10 TV shows. Yes, you read that right!

Which is the highest TRP show in colors? ›

Balika Vadhu, Uttaran, and Naagin are the best tv serials on Colors TV Channel.

Which is No 1 serial in Tamilnadu? ›

Tamil TV Serials TRP Rating This Week: Saturday, 23rd July 2022 To Friday, 29th July 2022
RankSerial NameChannels
1KayalSun TV
2Vanathai PolaSun TV
3Kannana KanneSun TV
4RojaSun TV
14 more rows
15 Sept 2022

Why is Anupama so popular? ›

Anupama has aspirations, desires, and knows she deserves respect. And yet, such shows condition women into believing that to be a modern working woman, you need to know household work as well. Anupama is adored more than her counterpart, Kavya who is a working woman and can't take care of the house.

Which is the No 2 serial in India? ›

Anupama still holds the first TRP position while Bigg Boss Grand Finale made an entry in the top 10 TRP list. Star Plus's Yeh Hai Chahatein and Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 also made their places in the top 10 list. Kundali Bhagya however as steeped down on a lower rank this week of the TRP rank chart.

What is the rating of Pushpa impossible? ›

Pushpa Impossible Sab TV TRP Rating:

Launched on 6th June 2022, Pushpa Impossible is a story of a mother who is an unapologetic, boisterous, hardworking, and loving woman. In the very first week of its release, the Pushpa Impossible serial collected 0.8 TRP points which makes it a very promising serial.

Which web series is trending now? ›

Rocket Boys on SonyLiv dethrones Family Man from top position and becomes the undisputed best web series of all time. Aranyak on Netflix debuts on No. 13. Cubicles (after S2) on SonyLIV enters Top 25.

Which is the No 1 news channel in India 2021? ›

Aaj Tak won this year's Indian Television Academy Awards for the best news channel. Aaj Tak has won this award 18 times which is a considerable achievement.

Which TV channel is most watched? ›

In 2021, CBS was the leading ad-supported television network in the United States, with an average viewership of 5.6 million. NBC and ABC rounded out the top three with 5.5 and 4.1 million viewers, respectively.

Who is the No 1 news channel in world? ›

CNN news

It is owned by CNN worldwide and was founded by Ted Turner in 1980. CNN was the first television channel that provided 24 hours news and was the first news channel in the United States.

Which is highest TRP news channel in India? ›

News18 India has grabbed the first position in the TRPs of the news channel with 12.4 points leaving behind Aajtak and India TV. TV9 Bharatvarsh who was ruling the TRPs once has shifted to fifth place with 9.2 TRP points. The TRP points in the bracket are from the previous week's TRP of News Channels 2022.

Which news channel has highest TRP today? ›

Aaj Tak tops the list with the highest market share of 12.4%, followed by India TV which has a 12.3% market share, as per BARC data for Week 24 for 2+ NCCS All India released today. The data also shows News18 India on the third position, TV9 Bharatvarsh on fourth and Republic Bharat on the fifth position.

Which is famous news channel in India? ›

Aaj Tak is India's most popular Hindi news station, as well as the most followed Indian news channel on YouTube. Aaj Tak first aired on Doordarshan's DD Metro channel in the year 1995.

What are the top 5 networks? ›

  1. CBS. 7,140.
  2. NBC. 6,330.
  3. ABC. 5,192.
  4. Fox. 4,623.
  5. Fox News Channel. 2,501.
  6. ESPN. 1,749.
  7. MSNBC. 1,741.
  8. ION. 1,344.

What is the most watched TV series 2022? ›

1. House Of The Dragon
  • Genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Drama.
  • Year Running: 2022.
  • IMDb Rating: 9.0/10.
  • Did You Know? This time around, HBO's showrunners will be Ryan J. Condal and Miguel Sapochnik. The pair step in for David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, who were sharply criticized for the final seasons of GoT.
12 Sept 2022

What is the most watched channel on TV 2022? ›

In July 2022, Fox News was the most watched cable news network in the United States and continues to do well in terms of its primetime audience, with 2.12 million primetime viewers in that period. Fox News viewers in the 25-54 demographic reached 194 thousand, whilst MSNBC had just 84 thousand.

Who is the biggest TV channel in the world? ›

1) CBS. CBS TV channel is a mass media company that distributes much content related to the industry and to the audience across the world. It is considered as the most watch network in the United States.

What is the cheapest TV service? ›

The best and cheapest cable services are Xfinity TV and Spectrum TV. Xfinity's Popular and Spectrum's TV Select packages both give you 125+ channels for $49.99 per month. They're the best because they're reliable companies, widely available, and offer a great number of channels for a fair price.

Is YouTube a 4K TV? ›

When it comes to streaming live TV in the United States (or streaming any kind of video anywhere, for that matter), resolution and bit rate remain as important as ever. And you're now able to enjoy YouTube TV in 4K. Some of it, at least.

What is the popular channel in the world? ›

Top channels (views)
RankChannel namePrimary language(s)
2.Cocomelon - Nursery RhymesEnglish
3.SET IndiaHindi
4.Sony SABHindi
47 more rows

Which is best English news channel in India? ›

As per the BARC data, CNN-News18 has garnered 26.3 percent market share in the India urban+rural segment. CNN-News18 has become the number one English news channel in the country according to the latest data released by the Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC).

What's the best news channel on Youtube? ›

10 Youtube News Channels to Subscribe to in 2022
  • CNN. CNN is a branch of Turner Broadcasting System, which is a Warner Media company. ...
  • ABC NEWS. ...


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