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Top 5 Applications of Augmented Reality (AR)

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Let’s see the Top 5 Applications of Augmented Reality. The future of AR is here. We will go through the essential factors first as mentioned below and proceed with applications.

What is AR – Augmented Reality?

Definition: “It is the integration of Digital Information with the User’s Information in the real-time”.

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The Evolution of AR:

AR was first introduced by Mr Thomas Caudell a researcher in the year 1990.

The technology first had its commercial use in a football match telecasted in the year 1998 to represent the “physical kick of the ball” and the path the ball takes to reach the goal post.

Virtual reality – Creating a virtual world, completly designed.

Whereas, Augmented reality is virtual overlapping the real life. It typically uses the real-world environment to overlay additional information on top of it. Google Glasses and Car IRV mirror is the best example where the AR is popularly utilised by Public.

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Difference between AR and VR

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Fully Artificial Environment Virtual Objects overlayed on the real-world environment
Completely immersed in the virtual environmentThe real world enhanced with digital objectives
VR headset gear is required to experience the Virtual worldIn contrast, AR just requires AR compatible smart device to enjoy the experience
VR lets you experience standing on Seashore or on the erupting volcanoIt lets you check out the furniture at the house or the watch looks on your wrist, etc.
Technology is Expencive and has practical limitations towards expansion.Whereas AR is cost-effective and can be created through apps.
Developed using Unreal Engine (UE4), Maya, Sketchup and many moreAR is developed using Special 3D programs.

Top 5 Applications for AR:

1. Medical Training

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Medical Training – AR technology has a major application in Medical Studies.

It helps the learners to handle expensive equipments like MRI scanners.
Medical and Surgical training is well-conducted and carried out through AR headset in 3D Image format.

2. Interior Design and Modeling

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Interior Design and Modeling – IN recent days AR is widely used in visualizing the final product even while in the construction phase. One can choose their favourite paint colour or select their desired furniture or wall hanging even without buying it which perfectly suits their taste.

3. Classrooms for Education

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Classrooms for Educations – With the advent of AR technology, Classroom Learning has become entertaining and interesting.

With Rich learning environment, Students can stay anywhere across the globe and attend the Solar system class or learn musical notes.

4. Entertainment

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Entertainment – AR technology is first used in Television Broadcasting. AR has wide uses in Entertainment programs, Sports and Computer Games.

It helps to build a deep connection between the user and the digital character. Game Statistics or techniques are communicated to the audience to get engage and entertain.

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5. Retail Industry

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Retail – In the modern world, shoppers can use their smartphones – Mobile Application to check out various products, compare their prices.

Just by scanning using the mobile app the details of the products and description can be captured. IN auto Sector user can customer the spare parts and colour without even touching the object.

Top 5 Applications of Augmented Reality (AR) – Latest Trends

“AR – The Future of Learnig is here”

  1. AR is used in Logistics to identify the shipment details. This helps to avoid human errors and increase in productivity.
  2. Taking place in Public Safety. AR technology-enabled to direct the needs to a nearest safe location or the point of medical assistance.
  3. Electrical/Mechanical Service sector: It helps the technician to quickly diagnose the fault and fix it instantly. Saves a lot of time in going through the user manual and identifying the issue.
  4. Tourism Sector: It gives the wings to travellers to inspect the virtual location of the place they wanna travel. Travellers can walk around their favourite spot of the destination without even moving a step or spending a penny.
  5. Assembly sector: You can virtually design a best car/ bike or modify the accessories of your choice using the simple Gadget.

The future of AR:

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“AR is absolutely changing the way we live our life every day and do our work.”

From Entertainment to Military Intelligence the applications of Augmented Reality (AR) is establishing its magnitude of usage into the wide fields. This will increase along with the commercial introduction of 5G technology across the globe.

From Retail to Real estate AR is penetrating its way from every walks of life. It is certainly evolving in the 21st century. The development of AR is firmly bonded with UI & UX designers to improving the better user experience.

Lia Infraservices – We have seen the Top 5 Applications of Augmented Reality (AR) so far. There are many applications in AR currently under development. In the next Decade, AR will grow drastically breaking the existing barriers and hit the headlines.

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