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1. এই সপ্তাহে টি আরপিতে নতুন টপার কে হল, কমলা শ্রীমান পৃথ্বীরাজের কি হল| This week Bengali serial TRP
(Current Boss)
2. Colors Tv BARC TRP Report of Week 11 : All 11 Shows Full Trp Report
(Sk Tv Serial Talk)
3. sun tv serial 11th week urban + rural trp rating | sun tv trp rating | sun tv promo | Mr Partha
(Mr Partha)
4. Week 11|Online TRP: Here’s Top 10 Shows List!
(Crazy 4 Tv)
5. Online TRP Report of Week 11 : Top 20 Shows of this Week
(Sk Tv Serial Talk)
6. Dangal Tv BARC TRP Report of Week 11 : All 09 Shows Full Trp Report
(Sk Tv Serial Talk)
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