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Written by Tashi from the blog Tashi's TV on 21 Nov 2006
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What Happened To Seth As Jerry Hall's Kept Man | Tashi's TV (1)Since the reality show Kept finished on M-Net Series recently I've been DYING to know what happened to Seth Frye who won the prize of being Jerry Hall's Kept man.

The prize as I understood it in the show was that he'd spend the year being Jerry's Kept toyboy, living in the lap of luxury.

Ultra-quizzy to find out how it all panned out for him and to snoop out whether Jerry's lusty eyes grabbed him after filming for some steamy sex, I got in touch with Seth for us to see exactly how his year turned out. Here's what he had to say!

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Tashi: It wasn't clear exactly what the prize of being Jerry's Kept man involved?
Seth: What it basically meant was that I was supposed to be at her beck and call at a moments notice. To go to parties, Gala’s, what have you.

Tashi: How did your year pan out? There was a lot of talk of $100 000 - was this included in the prize?
Seth: I did indeed get the prize money. Every last penny. VH1 sent me the check just about a week after the last episode. It was a welcome package in the mail.

Tashi: How much contact did you have with Jerry during the year?
Seth: None. After the last shot I was whisked away for a bunch of exit interviews never to see her again.

Tashi: Did you live in the penthouse?
Seth: Not even close. I got to walk through it during the taping. That was about it. Never saw that place again either.

Tashi: What happened with the Lamborghini?
Seth: That’s a good question. Never saw that again either. It was fun to drive. I have a pretty nice car anyway.

Tashi: During the competition, how seriously did everyone take being a Kept man?
Seth: Oh, very seriously. We were always worrying about getting kicked off. Some took it way more seriously than others. Take Jon for instance. The guy really thought he had a shot. He was trying anything to make his odds better.

Slavco and Ricardo thought they had it in the bag. Those two guys are a whole other story. What a bunch of *bleep!* losers. Never met anybody like those two butt pirates. They live in West Hollywood not far from me. I run into them from time to time. Still the strangest two cats I have ever met.

Tashi: Why would any guy WANT to be a kept man??
Seth: I have no idea. Jerry wasn’t attractive to me at all. I just wanted to stay and party.

Tashi: Why'd you think Jerry chose you?
Seth: Come on. Do you really have to ask? I’m a cool guy. I can talk to anyone and my personality goes a lot farther than my looks.

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Tashi: Who would you have chosen?
Seth: I would have chosen Austen. The guy has it all. Tall, Smart, and a great personality. He’s just a really cool guy. The portrayed him really bad on the show. The guy is a *bleep!* nut.

Tashi: Do you think she knew who she wanted from the start?
Seth: At first I thought it was predetermined by the producers of the show. But now that I work for them, I know it wasn’t .

Tashi: Out everyone did you get along with Austen best?
Seth: Oh yeah. I live with him now in West Hollywood. We've pretty much lived together since I moved to Los Angeles. We had a house with another roommate for a while. We just got a new place. Roof top pool, the works. Super nice spot.

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Tashi: Were the final moments of Jerry choosing between you as intense as they looked?
Seth: Not at all. I was so burnt out from being there for 7 weeks I just wanted it to be over. We both had no idea that she would pick on that day. The producers never told us anything. We were always kept in the dark.

They put us in two separate rooms for the whole day. The shoot took about 11 hours. What a long day. We both rode home in the same van after it was over. Austen was happy for me. I bought him a Vespa for his effort. Not much of a gesture considering the amount of money I won. Still a gesture of good faith. He’s my bro.

Tashi: Besides Ricardo and Slavko who were obviously even more pathetic up close than they were on TV - who was your worst out of everyone?
Seth: Those two buttholes were by far the worst. Like I said before, I’ve never met two people so into themselves in my life. Both of them were delusional. Easily two of the stupidest people also. I have no idea how they have make it through life being the way they are.

Tashi: How did the year end?
Seth: The year ended for me the minute the last shot of Austen and I. That was the last time I saw London and Jerry. I ended up going to the South of France for a photoshoot with Jerry.

I ended up getting drunk with a bunch of English guys and missed the shoot. I think she was pissed about that. Whatever. I got a free week in France right on the water. Really nice place.

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Tashi: The final scene with you and Jerry getting into the car had to be re-shot because of the door being locked. Was anything else re-filmed but totally changed?
Seth: We did all kinds of pick up shots. They shoot 10 different shots for all of the situations. Reality TV isn’t reality at all. Most of it is for the most part but the producers try to put you in situations in order to get what they want out of you.

I feel like I had a really good idea of what was going on when I got there. I kind of new what was real and what wasn’t. A lot of the guys there really believed they would be Jerry’s boyfriend. I just saw it for what it was for. I think that's why I won.

Tashi: We all think that you and Jerry definitely had sex at some point. Did you? Do you reckon she genuinely had the hotts for you?
Seth: Sorry to let you down. I never even kissed Jerry. I wan’t attracted to her at all. She was a little to old for me. I thought she was a nice person. She just wasn’t my speed.

Tashi: You're working on a new TV show - what's it about?
Seth: After Kept was done, the producers of the show offered me a job working for them. They create TV shows. I've been fortunate enough to work on a bunch of cool shows and travel all over the world.

We are currently working on a gambling show called The Ultimate Blackjack Tour. I started out at the bottom as a Production Assistant. I have worked my way up to Producer and Production coordinator.

I love every minute of it. Don’t get me wrong, the 14 hour days can get a bit taxing, but in the end, it’s a great career in Television. I just completed a new show for MTV. Can’t give it away just yet. I’ve also helped produce a bunch of shows that we are going to pitch to a bunch of networks.

Life is good. I got way more out of meeting the guys who made the show than being on the show. I still get recognized all the time. It’s pretty cool. But I really don’t want fame. I just want a nice life and that’s pretty much what I got.

EndsHow interesting is that?? Not even a moment was spent with her. You'd think she'd at least have said some kind of proper goodbye.

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