When Can I Start Bending After C Section? Guide + Safe Tips (2023)

When I accompanied Terry- my neighbor’s wife, for delivery, the doctor shockingly recommended an emergency c section since her little one was overweight. After one tension-filled hour, she delivered her baby. Then came three days of hospital stay for recovery. After discharge, we were all ready for the tasking parenting journey ahead.

Fast forward, the baby is five weeks old-time flies fast! Terry now takes daily short walks with her dog. I’m amazed she seems fit and back to her former self. She does some of her chores and is looking forward to resuming her morning jogs soon. Her fast recovery is worrying.

I’m unsure if she should/shouldn’t be that active after her c section. If you’re a new/recent mom who underwent C section, I’m sure the question, ‘When can I start bending after C section?” is on your mind.

After a surgical procedure to deliver your munchkin, taking care of your back and wound is vital. How soon is it safe for bending down after c section? Read more to discover.

When Can I Start Bending After C Section?

You can expect to start bending after C section after your first 4 to 6 weeks. According to experts, you should not lift anything surpassing your baby’s weight. Further, You should avoid any activity exerting pressure on your back or the healing wound – including- bending for the first 4-6 weeks. This is the average time for complete healing. However, every woman is unique. Some are fit to go from 3 weeks, while others take months.

How long after C section can I bend down?

I’m happy you made it through the surgical procedure. Now you have your baby in your arms. I’m proud of you. Whether planned or an emergency, the C section needs ample time to heal. You now have to do proper aftercare for the incision wound to heal effectively and fast.

Worry not. It’s not a complicated routine as you only need to allow for complete healing of the thin uterine wall and abdomen. Ideally, the doctor slits through the skin, fatty layer, and fascia to safely get your tiny adorable out. They stitch the other layers while fascia is left to heal gradually naturally.

I know you were used to emptying your dishwasher, carrying a full laundry basket, and lifting your 18-month-old toddler. Forget it for a couple of weeks. Bending and such strenuous activities could strain your healing abdomen.

Unknown to many, bending down after c section may prolong your recovery period. Take lots of rest and let your body guide you through the process. Remember: pain reduces drastically as the incision wound nears complete healing.

How do doctors close incision wounds? Why is bending over after a c section critical?

Whether you had a vertical cut or the all-common horizontal incision just below your bikini line, experts close the scar in three popular ways:

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  • Skin Staples – these are unique surgical staples that doctors use to close your incision wound and are removable after 2-3 days.
  • Applying a Special Surgical Glue- your doctor will add a see-through dressing on top. Ideally, the method facilitates quick healing of your scar. However, it’s your doctor’s discretion to use glue based on several medical factors.
  • Stitches- Let the thought of a needle and thread on your abdomen not scare you. These are special needles nowadays, and the threads dissolve in your body with time.Researchby Thomas Jefferson University Found women stitched during c sections with 57% fewer wound complications than staples. Your doctor will advice on the best-suited method to close the incision.

That said, you’ll agree with me that C Section mothers are delicate as they have a wound to care for. If you’re wondering, “what happens if I bend after a c section? Let me explain everything about bending over after c section.

The skin needs to close faster when your doctor stitches the slit on your uterine wall. Any activity such as heavy lifting, swift movements, driving, swimming, and majorly bending that may exert pressure on your abdomen aren’t recommended.

WebMd describesumbilical (belly button) Hernia as a possible complication if the wound heals improperly after c section. Instead of having to deal with Hernia on top of your recovery and taking care of your little one, take lots of rest for quicker healing. Consult your doctor if you have any concerns.

However, experts recommend short and slow walks 24 hours after a c section. Essentially, you’ll feel some pain initially, but don’t let it discourage you. Walking eases common after-surgery issues, including poor bowel movements, excess digestive gases, and blood clots.

You may start by walking to your bathroom, getting a snack from your kitchen, or walking your visitors to the gate. Ask for help in case you experience difficulty when standing.

When Can I Start Bending After C Section? Guide + Safe Tips (1)

Helpful tips on staying comfortable and healing smoothly after C section

After C section, bending in your daily life, including lifting, laughing, and coughing are some basic actions. Now that you successfully underwent a c section, you need to focus on proper aftercare of the incision wound before resuming your everyday life.

How do you stay comfortable and avoid unnecessary bending with a delicate back and abdomen after C section?

1. Be Creative, Use/Improvise Grabbers- since you mostly bend when picking items, you’ll need a grabber to assist. This could be a long stick to pull your phone close to you on your table or an older child that you can send to bring anything you may need. A partner may also come in handy in such cases. Cart-like cabinets with wheels are great as you only require you to push or pull to pick your necessary items.

2. Organize Your Recovery Environment In Advance-In Motherhood, planning is a priceless skill you learn on the go. Put your diaper change items, snacks, beverages, pillow, pads, phone, and anything else you might require. The idea is to minimize movements and reduce bending after C Section.

3. Be Creative When Handling Older Toddlers/Children-Your other children are happy to have a new baby, but that doesn’t change their need for hugs, cuddles, and attention from you. If you were used to playing and lifting your 18-month-old, mind your back. Allow them to step on raised surfaces such as a chair or table when hugging instead of you bending to reach them. You can cuddle them while sitting together on the couch. It could be crazy initially, but you’ll soon be back to normal.

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4. Avoid Sitting Up Or Reclining Motions. Mind Your Posture-When doing sit-up movements, or reclining, your back touches your abdomen. Always use a comfortable pillow to prop your backbone and hips.

A sleeping pillow is also great for improving your sitting posture. Don’t hunch your back while breastfeeding. Use a couple of breastfeeding pillows to lift your munchkin closer to you. This makes both of you comfortable.

If you want to sit down, stand from a chair/bed, and let your arms support you. Your doctor/lactation specialist can advise you about the postpartum support band.

5. Do Breathing Exercises-Take inhaling and exhaling breathing exercises to boost oxygen supply throughout your body. Whether you’re watching your favorite Tiktok videos or relaxing, take a long breath in/out as it helps loosen tight tissues enhancing quick recovery around the incision.

6. Massage the Scar Gently But Cautiously-A gentle massage on the scar improves blood circulation while aiding digestion to prevent bloating and constipation. However, please don’t do it in the initial days when the closure is still fresh. Make sure there’s little or no pain when you touch that area. If unsure about it, consult your doctor.

7. Roll Over on Your Side Before Gently Getting Down When Off Your Bed. It prevents strain and injury.

8. Proper Diet and Lots of Rest-Recovering from a significant surgery and caring for a baby isn’t easy. c section mothers need to reenergize and replenish their bodies constantly. Eat a healthy balanced diet to boost breastmilk supply and speed your recovery/healing. Additionally, take bouts of rest and take advantage of this recovery period to bond with your new baby.

9. Use Your Painkillers As Prescribed Faithfully-After a c section, you may experience pain as anesthesia wears off. Further, as the intestinal walls and abdomen heal, you’ll feel pain around your incision. Sudden movement, laughing, sneezing, bending after C section could be painful too. Make use of painkillers to manage pain.

10. It Is OK to Ask For Help-I know you’re the kind of mother who likes getting things done without anybody’s assistance. But, you can’t manage by yourself during this period. You’re just out of surgery and may need help bending down after c section, for walking, sitting, doing/folding laundry, dishes, cooking, and taking care of your little one. Your partner, children, friends, or nanny could greatly help as you gradually heal. They’ll save you from bending, lifting, or other strenuous activities.

Signs That You’re Over-Active and Straining Your Incision Wound

It would help if you were keen to note anything unusual when recovering from C section. Call your doctor if you note the following:

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‣ Smelly discharge from the wound area- your wound should have some drainage as it heals. If you notice excess smelly discharge, seek medical advice.

‣ Chronic persistent pain despite painkillers- While pain is part of any surgery, it should respond to pain meds and subsides with time. Any constant/persistent abdominal, cramping, or pelvic pain is a red flag.

‣ Increased prolonged vaginal bleeding- if your pad fills blood every fifteen minutes or leaks after one hour, that bleeding is excessive. Bleeding may mean placenta issues and needs urgent medical attention.

‣ Constantly high fever- A high fever that lasts for over 24 hours could be a sign of bacterial infection.

‣ A difficult troubled breathing- If you have difficulty breathing, there could be an issue with your lungs. Have your doctor examine you properly.

Bending over after c section- FAQs

Now that you know the answer to the question you’ve been asking yourself- “What happens if i bend after c-section?”, let me answer some common FAQs.

How soon can I bend after c section?

Just like other major surgeries, the incision needs time to close properly. The healing process takes anything between 4-6 weeks. However, every woman is different. Some take only two weeks, while others go for over eight weeks. You’ll eventually be able to bend after C section without complications with a good diet, rest, proper cleaning, and caution.

What Happens If I Lift Excess Weight by Bending After c section?

After a c section, you’ll notice vaginal discharge as the uterine walls shed and Lochia (a red/yellowish bloody discharge). It is perfectly normal. However, if you lift heavy weights before the incision heals, you’ll experience increased amounts of Lochia. It will also take time to subside, and this can be dangerous. So, be careful & follow your healthcare provider’s advice about bending down after c section.

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Can I Exercise After The C Section?

When can i start bending after c section/ When can I exercise after C section? The answer to these common questions are, after having a Caesarian section, your body needs minimal movements to recover. It’s advisable to avoid rigorous exercises, including weight lifting, running, jogging, and rope-skipping, and activities related to bending down, until you’re fully healed. Nevertheless, taking short, slow walks after your C section around your home benefits your tissues.

What Happens If I Bend After C section?

If you underwent a c section recently, you’re in a delicate situation. The APA-(American Pregnancy Association) cites the postpartum period as having a high mortality rate. Activities including bending after your C section may cause your incision wound to rupture/separate, leading to excessive bleeding and Hernia.

Can I Walk My Dog Two Weeks After c section?

Well, it depends on individual mothers. Essentially, short, slow walks are healthy after your C section. You’re advised to start walking 24 hours after Csection, for example, getting your beverage from your kitchen, going to the bathroom, kid’s bedroom, and so on. Since starting physical activities within two weeks is safe, you can try walking your dog and ensure you feel no pain. If there’s still pain or discomfort, your body isn’t ready yet for dog walks.

Wrapping up on bending after C section

Whether your C section was for medical reasons, you’re highly prone to infections, excessive blood loss, bowel/bladder injuries, weakened uterine wall, and fetal injuries during birth.

You’ll need to temporarily forget touching your toes, weight lifting, running, dancing, or driving to avoid exerting pressure on your back and abdomen. So, “when can I start bending after c section?” OR, “How long after c section can I bend down?”

Expert advise suggest waiting up to 6 weeks to ensure the incision is well healed or when you no longer feel pain in your scar. Meanwhile, use the helpful tips to speed up your recovery. Relax, eat well and consult your doctor about the most appropriate time to bend over after C section.

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