Where Are Raven & SK Now From ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3? Here’s What Happened Since Their Wedding (2023)

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SPOILER: If you’ve seen episode 10, you may be wondering: Why did Raven and SK break up from Love Is Blind season 3 and if they’re back together since they didn’t say “I do” at the altar of their wedding.

Raven Ross and Sikiru “SK” Alagbada are two of 30 contestants from Love Is Blind season 3, which premiered on Netflix on October 19, 2022 and followed 15 men and 15 women from the Dallas, Texas, as they speed-dated in “Pods” where they can talk but not see each other. During their 10 days in “The Pods”, the couples decide if they wanted to get engaged—still sight unseen—or end their relationships for a better connection with someone else. After the proposal, the couples meet face-to-face for the first time and go on a honeymoon, where they learn more about each other and meet the other couples. After the trip, the couples, who all live in the same city, return to the real world and move into an apartment together as they meet each other’s families and friends and prepare for their weddings. At the altar on their wedding days, the couples must decide whether to marry or breakup as they answer the age-old question of if love can be truly blind.

Since Love Is Blind premiered on Netlix in 2020, the show has become one of service’s highest-rated series, with more than 30 million views in its first two months. “Across the world, everybody feels the same way: Everyone wants to be loved for who they are on the inside. It doesn’t matter where you live, what you look like, how old you are, what your background is, which class you know, or social structure you feel like you’re a part of, everyone wants to be loved for who they are,” creator Chris Coelen told Variety in 2020. “In today’s society we’ve got all these ways to find love through dating apps and technology. Those things sort of counterintuitively have made people feel disposable. They’ve made people feel like it’s all surface level. It does the opposite thing it was supposed to do. So we thought, what if we took everybody’s devices away, how could we get them to focus on connecting with other people?”

Coelen also told Variety about howthe connections on Love Is Blind were based on choice, which is why the relationships were that much stronger. “It was incredibly scary because nobody had to do anything, versus a show like we do Married at First Sight, you sign up and you know, you’re getting married to a stranger. Here, nobody had to do anything. It was if you find someone, if you choose. Which is so scary. They don’t have to go through with the wedding ceremony,” he said. “But assuming they found someone, could that love overcome any judgment in the real world? That’s an incredibly fascinating question. And that’s what we set out to try to examine.”

But back to Raven and SK. So…why did Raven and SK break up from Love Is Blind season 3 and are they back together after filming ended? Here’s what we know about why Raven and SK broke up on Love Is Blind season 3 and where they are now since they ended their engagement on their wedding day.

SPOILER: Why did Raven and SK break up from Love Is Blind season 3?

Where Are Raven & SK Now From ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3? Here’s What Happened Since Their Wedding (1)

Image: Courtesy of Netflix.

Why did Raven and SK break up from Love Is Blind season 3? Raven and SK broke up in episode 10 of Love Is Blind season 3 after SK told Raven “I do not” at the altar at their wedding. “Today Raven, we both know how we feel about each other. I love you. However, we have a very unique and complex set of circumstances. I feel like today is not the best time for us to do this,” SK told Raven after he broke up with her.

During the episode, SK explained to producers in an interview after his wedding that he broke up with Raven because of the cultural differences between her and his Nigerian family, as well as her unwillingness to move from Texas to California with him. “It is no question in my mind. I love Raven. I know she’s probably mad and angry, but I just would feel really bad and really guilty to continue on in a marriage with her when I know there are so many other unanswered questions,” he said. “It’s not just about me having to leave after our marriage. It’s about her not being flexible to maybe move to California with me. It’s also about certain things I know for a fact that she’s very strong about. I still have a little bit of an issue with the family situation. I have thought about the risk of losing her forever because of my decision today, but as sad as it sounds, I think I would rather lose her than be in a marriage with her where I will feel a lot of shortcomings from her everyday.” In her own interview with producers after the wedding, Raven confirmed she planned on telling SK “I do” before he broke up with her. “I was planning on saying ‘yes’ today,” she said. She also told producers she was confused over why SK broke up with her.“I am not the perfect Nigerian bride and we’ve established that so many times. I don’t know if I can ever be that way just because that’s not who I am,” she said.

In an interview with Bustle after their breakup on Love Is Blind season 3, SK explained that he didn’t say “I do” to Raven because of “fundamental differences” between them, including “the role of family” and “her not being flexible about moving to California.” “At the very moment, when I got to the altar, it was just a flood of decisions for me to make at the same time,” SK said. SK also told People that he would have felt “guilty” telling Raven “I do” “when I know there are so many unanswered questions” “I think Raven and I’s story, the way it was portrayed on the show, I kind of feel bad watching it, especially from the perspective of the audience, because a lot of our love story wasn’t completely told in the way it was portrayed,” he said. “The narrative focused a lot more on some other subjects and some other incidents in the show.” He continued, “I feel like the audience missed out on that love story, on how it even came to be. If I were watching it myself, not being in the experience, I would have a lot of blanks.”

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SK also confirmed Us Weekly at the time that the “unresolved differences” between him and Raven was the ultimate reason he said “I do not” at their wedding.“It was like merging two different people from two different continents trying to make this work,” he said. “And I just felt like we still had a lot of unresolved differences that adding a marriage on top of that still would not help us resolve. Also, I would’ve had to move, like, four days after we got married and because of where we are at in our relationship, I didn’t think our relationship was ready for that.”

Raven, for her part, told People that she was “shocked” by SK’s decision to not say “I do.” “I was clearly really shocked,” she aid. “I feel like the whole time, I was definitely not portrayed as an emotional person. So it was probably shocking for everyone to see me be such a crybaby.” She continued, “But it was a really emotional day. I definitely was unprepared. We had gone through this whole experience. I was definitely on cloud nine after our build-up of having a great relationship, so I was a little shocked.”

According to SK’s Linkedin, he’s moved to San Francisco, California, while Raven lists on her Facebook, Pilates by Raven, that she still lives in Dallas, Texas, where Love Is Blind season 3 filmed. SK’s Twitter also lists his location as San Francisco. Raven and SK also don’t follow each other on Instagram. SK moved to San Francisco around January 2022 when he took a job as a co-chair of UC Launch in Berkeley, California. “UC LAUNCH is University of California’s leading accelerator program that guides startups from prototype to pitch. Since 1999, our program has helped transform early-stage startups into fundable companies. Over the past five years, our alumni have raised over $125 million, topped the Forbes 30 under 30, and 9 startups have gone on to Y Combinator,” his job description reads. SK is also a student at the University of California, Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, where he’s expected to graduate from in May 2023 with a Master of Business Administration. SK confirmed to Bustle that he started his final year at UC Berkeley in August 2022. “School is kicking my ass, there’s no other way to put it,” he said. “I’m in this very rigorous, full-time MBA program at Berkeley, and other than that, I’m also very involved on campus with student leadership things, and it’s been pretty intense for me juggling school and life, and every other thing that comes with it.”

In his interview with People, SK revealed that Raven was open to committing a long distance relationship with him while he lived in California and she lived in Texas, but he didn’t think that was enough.“In our very first conversation, I brought it up. I was like, ‘I’m actually getting ready to go to grad school in the fall.’ And she didn’t really have a problem with that,” he said. “We said we’re going to do things long distance and we’re going to try it out.” He continued, “But of course, it’s easier said than done… when things get real and now you have to put numbers on paper. Besides that, I’ve also had a very, very international life. I’ve lived in five countries to date, and I knew that sometime in the future, we could have a possibility of having to move somewhere else, maybe with kids even.” Still, SK told People that he understood why Raven didn’t want to move to California with him.“For me, it was a big deal because I knew that love should lead everywhere, wherever you’re going. I don’t think we had enough time to be able to get there,” he said. “And also, for her to trust me, right? It’s been 10 days since we’d known each other and telling someone that you just met in 10 days to leave their own dreams and come pursue your own dreams, it’s got to take a lot of gut to be able to do that. And I just don’t think we were there yet.”

Raven also confirmed in an interview with TV Insider that SK moved to California just four days after their wedding. “I’ve always understood why he said no,” she said. “We had a lot of things working against us. SK literally moved probably four days after we wrapped filming to go to grad school across the country in a different timezone. Our cultural differences, huge. We started off really slow, which was our own thing. We had an incredible journey, but our whole thing was doing it on our own time, and unfortunately time just wasn’t on our side.” She continued, “We had a lot more logistical things to figure out inside of our relationship, so it’s not that I didn’t understand. It still hurt. I understood what was happening and I knew why, but I was just still emotional because I was super in love with him.”

SK also told TV Insider that he didn’t have regrets over telling Raven “I do not” at the altar. “I don’t think I have any regrets currently about my decision on that day,” he said. “I didn’t feel like I had gotten enough to be able to move forward with that step. Me proposing to her was me getting the opportunity to do that in the real world, and when we got back to Dallas, the real world came at us really quickly. We had a lot of other things to resolve that were still outstanding, and it just wasn’t enough for me to overlook and say ‘yes’ just because we’re at the altar and it was time to go.” He continued, “However, I feel really bad watching it all over again. Watching her cry and [seeing] how heartbroken she was, as well as my family present. Watching my mom in that situation was very difficult for me.”

Before he moved to California, SK previously lived in Dallas, Texas, where he worked as a Senior Data Engineer at JPMorgan Chase & Co. He started the job in 2019, two years before he filmed Love Is Blind season 3. According to Variety, Love Is Blind season 3 filmed immediately after Love Is Blind season 2, which was shot in Chicago, Illinois, wrapped in June 2021. Love Is Blind season 2 filmed for two months from April to June 2021, which means that Love Is Blind season 3 would’ve finished filming around September 2021, four months before SK took his job at UC Launch.

SK also revealed to TV Insider that if he could change anything about himself on Love Is Blind season 3, it’s that he would be “more vulnerable.” “I don’t really think I have something to change. I feel like throughout the process I was myself. I was genuine, and I let myself be vulnerable. If I could do anything differently, it would probably be even more vulnerable in the process,” he said.

Are Raven and SK back together after Love Is Blind season 3?

Are Raven and SK back together after Love Is Blind season 3? The answer is maybe. In an interview with Bustle after his and Raven’s breakup, SK hinted that he and Raven are back together and are “taking” their relationship “one day at a time.” “I’ve been in touch with her,” he said. “We’re just kind of taking it one day at a time right now.” Raven also told Bustle that she and SK are “in a great place” since their breakup. “We have so much more of our story to tell, and more of our story to come, so we’re excited about sharing that with you guys,” she said. Extra TV also seemed to confirm SK and Raven are back together when they published a since-deleted interview with Raven and SK with the headline: “Love Is Blind Couple SK and Raven Are Back Together Following Wedding Breakup.” Raven and SK also hinted they were on good terms on their social media.In a post on her Instagram Story in October 2022, Raven shared a screenshot from Love Is Blind season 3 of her instructing SK in pilates with the caption, “he did so good tho.”

SK also revealed to Us Weekly in November 2022 that he reached out to Raven after Love Is Blind season 3 finished filming and the two are on “good terms.”“After the show, I reached out to her and we talked things over and we are on good terms. We’re just taking things one day at a time right now. I’m very consumed with school, so it’s been very, very hard to even try to do anything serious. … We’re just taking things one day at a time,” he said.

Raven also confirmed to Us Weeklythat she and SK are still “working” on their relationship after they said “I do not” at their wedding. “We’ve been working on it,” she said. “And he’s just such a beautiful person, so we’ve been giving each other patience. It’s been great.” She also told the magazine that, though she was “shocked” by SK’s answer at the altar, the moment also gave them the opportunity to “grow together and be patient” in their relationship.“In some ways, I was definitely shocked. Him and I didn’t talk about, like, a definitive answer before we got up on the altar, but I knew in my heart and I knew in his that, like, we had this incredible journey and that was so special to us,” she said. “And we’ve worked through so many other problems that even if it’s not our time today, like, pretty soon we can try to work on it and get better and just keep growing — that’s probably the best thing that we did throughout this entire thing is just grow together and be patient.”

Who is Raven from Love Is Blind season 3?

Where Are Raven & SK Now From ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3? Here’s What Happened Since Their Wedding (2)

Image: Ser Baffo/Netflix.

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Who is Raven from Love Is Blind season 3? Raven Ross is a 29-year-old from Dallas, Texas. She listed her job on Love Is Blind season 3 as a “Pilates Instructor.” Her promoted quote was: “I’ve never given myself the time to really get to know someone before jumping into things.”Her Instagram handle is @pilatesbodyraven. According to her Linkedin, she’s a certified pilates instructor in classic pilates. She works as a Pilates Master Trainer for Club Pilates, as well as a barre instructor and a TriggerPoint foam rolling specialist. She also posts weekly workouts on her YouTube channel PilatesBodyRaven.

Who is SK from Love Is Blind season 3?

Who is SK from Love Is Blind season 3?? Sikiru “SK” Alagbada is a 34-year-old from San Francisco, California. He previously lived in Dallas and Austin, Texas. SK listed his job on Love Is Blind season 3 as a “Data Engineer.” His promoted quote was: “I wouldn’t model my relationship off of anyone because I believe it will be uniquely mine.” His Instagram handle is @sk4ever2. “Polymath | Berkeley MBA | Naijaboy 🇳🇬 Culture | Tech | Lifestyle,” his Instagram bio reads. According to his Linkedin, SK is the co-chair of UC Launch, a startup accelerator program by the University of California, in Berkeley, California. Before that, he worked at JPMorgan Chase & Co., General Motors, CGI and Egencia. He graduated from Baylor University with a bachelor’s of science in 2014 where he was a member of Model United Nations and the African Students Association. He also graduated from the University of Ibadan with a degree in physical sciences in 2007. He’s also set to graduate from the University of California, Berkeley’s Haas School of Business with a master of business administration in May 2023.

Where was Love Is Blind season 3 filmed?

Where Are Raven & SK Now From ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3? Here’s What Happened Since Their Wedding (4)

Image: Courtesy of Netflix.

Love Is Blind season 3 was filmed in Dallas, Texas. Love Is Blind season 1 was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, while season 2 was filmed in Chicago, Illinois. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight in 2020, Love Is Blind creator Chris Coelen explained that each season casts contestants from the same city so long distance isn’t a factor in their relationships. “It was a really interesting and diverse cast in terms of the fact that they were all from many different places originally,” he said. “But they were all living around the Atlanta area [at the time of casting]. The reason that we did that was because we wanted to give these people a real shot at making their relationships work for the long term.”

He continued, “Whether you think [love] is going to happen or not, we wanted people that would be ready to be married. If you’re really in it—genuinely in it, which was the No. 1 casting criteria—it felt to us that it was too much of a bridge for someone living in Miami and someone living in Seattle to build. We thought let’s at least start with them in the same geographical area.”

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Coelen also explained to Variety in 2020 about why he wanted each Love Is Blind season to cast contestants from the same city. “We wanted people to all be living, currently in the same place. It’s too difficult if you’re from Tampa and they’re from Portland, that just throws another wrench in. We wanted to give them a real shot at making their love and their marriage working,” he said. Coelen also told Variety at the time about the locations he was looking at for future Love Is Blind seasons. “Look, the idea is that ultimately we’re going to do this in other countries—it’s very global. There’s lots of places that that we could take it. Chicago is a great place to look at, so is New York, Boston, Houston. There’s so many different places that we could go. And like I said, outside of the country as well,” he said.

Coelen also told Oprah magazine in 2020 that The Pods lasted around 10 days, which started with a series of speed dates between contestants that lasted between eight to 12 minutes. We did a ranking system, from who you though was most compatible to least compatible after the first date. Every day, the list got shorter and shorter,” Love Is Blind season 1 contestant Mark Cuevas told Oprah magazine at the time. Coelen also told Oprah magazine made the cast smaller a few days into the The Pods stage to focus on the contestants forming “real connections.” “We ended up focusing on people who were really forming real connections,” he said.

Though the dates started short, Coelen told Variety that the producers allowed contestants to have longer dates once they saw how strong their connections were. “In the beginning nobody knew who anybody was. So we structured it so that they would have an opportunity to talk to everyone. They were never given any instruction on what to say or what not to say or what they could ask about or what they couldn’t ask about. And you see on the show, some people decided to [ask] ‘How tall are you, what do you look like?'” he said. “Other people were like, ‘Why would I ever do that? That’s not the point of this.’ We really wanted it to be their own story, their own journey. We would set it up so they had the opportunity to talk to everybody. Then from that point [it was monitored]. Let’s say somebody really wanted to talk to you and you’re like, ‘Yeah, I have no interest in that person.'”

He continued, “You’re not going to talk to them. It doesn’t matter. We’re not going to arrange people to speak to one another where somebody’s like, ‘yeah, I don’t want to talk to that person.’ We just wouldn’t do that. Multiple points throughout the day we had to break and they had to eat, go to the bathroom, go do interviews, but generally we wanted to give them as much time in the pods as possible with the people that they genuinely wanted to talk to. These dates are obviously cut down but they were hours and hours and hours long.”

Who are the Love Is Blind season 3 hosts?

Where Are Raven & SK Now From ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3? Here’s What Happened Since Their Wedding (5)

Image: Courtesy of Netflix.

The Love Is Blind season 3 hosts are Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey, who have hosted the series since it premiered in February 2020. The couple also hosted season 1 of Netflix’s The Ultimatum. Nick was the lead singer of the boy band 98 Degrees from 1996 to 2012. The group reunited in 2012 and are still together. Nick has also released four solo alums: SoulO, What’s Left of Me, A Father’s Lullaby and Soundtrack of My Life. He was married to Jessica Simpson from 2002 to 2006, and the two also starred in their own reality show, Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica on MTV, from 2003 to 2005. Nick is also the winner of season 5 of The Masked Singerduring which he performed as the character “Piglet.” Vanessa was the 1998 Miss Teen USA and was a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight and Total Request Live on MTV. She’s the current lead in CBS’ NCIS spinoff, NCIS: Hawai’i, which premiered in 2021.

In an interview with Distractify in March 2022, Nick explained that he and Vanessa wanted to host Love Is Blind because of how their own relationship was long distance when they first started dating. “When Netflix approached us with Love is Blind all those years ago, we jumped at the opportunity because the show really spoke to us personally,” Nick said. “When we first started dating, Vanessa was in New York and I was in Los Angeles. We didn’t get to see each other a lot so we had a lot of long phone conversations, learning everything we possibly could about each other.” He continued, “[Those conversations were] really important for building our relationship and knowing we wanted the same things before there were external pressures on the relationship.” Nick also told Distractify that he and Vanessa want contestants to “fall in love for the right reasons and then introduce everything else.”

Nick also told People in 2022 about how he thinks Love Is Blind would’ve worked for him and Vanessa if they had met in The Pods.“We’ve thought about that, often. And I really, I’m not just saying this for the benefit of this show, I think we would’ve,” he said. “We have the same birthday, we have the same passions, we have the same interests, we have the same drive. Things that motivated us.” Vanessa asked “You would’ve found me through a wall?” to which Nick responded, “I would find you anywhere.” He continued, “I really do think we would’ve found each other. I think we would’ve gravitated to each other. That’s what we did in life. Obviously, we knew each other.” Vanessa added, “We did. We had to find our journey to get to each other.”

Nick also claimed to Us Weeklyin 2022 that he would’ve joined Love Is Blind if he was single. “I would. I mean, it’s fascinating,” he said. “Especially having seen the success of season 1 and seeing two loving couples still married to this day? If I watched that and I was looking for love, why wouldn’t you wanna be a part of that? You know, it’s proven to work!” He added, “This dating world is not one I ever was part of — this very superficial ‘swipe left.’ There’s so much judgment and you can Google everybody. I’m not from that era.”

Love Is Blind season 3 is available to stream on Netflix.

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Where Are Raven & SK Now From ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3? Here’s What Happened Since Their Wedding (6)

Image: Courtesy of Gallery Book.

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After exchanging vows in the season finale, they filed for divorce in August after one year of marriage. Thompson told Us that after leaving the whirlwind experience of the Netflix show, making the relationship work got more difficult.

Are Mallory and Jared together? ›

And of course, others shared their belief that the two have always kept in contact. As of now, Mallory and Jarrette appear to be uncoupled.

Are Mallory and Salvador still together? ›

However, he acknowledged a bit of a wishy-washy feeling about the whole thing. Going forward, they agreed to go on a date and take things slow. Mallory and Sal revealed at the reunion that they are no longer together after filming.

Are iyanna and Jarette still together 2022? ›

Jarrette and Ayanna announced they were divorcing in August 2022, a month after they celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary.

Is Shaina from Love Is Blind married? ›

He's everything I ever wanted in a man." They started dating upon their return to the United States, got engaged at Chicago's SoHo House in March 2022 (Hurley said it was the best of her three proposals so far), and married in Greece in July.

Who's still together from Love Is Blind 2? ›

Love Is Blind's married couples now

A quick peek at their Instagram pages and it's clear to see that Lauren and Cameron are still married. Amber and Barnett are also still together in 2022. The season 2 couples are no longer married, Iyanna and Jarrette and Danielle and Nick have gone their separate ways.

How did Danielle Ruhl lose weight? ›

"Nutrisystem taught me about healthy eating, portion control and overall helped me crave healthier foods that ultimately lead to a lifestyle change," Danielle explained, adding, "Consistency is key."

What happens with Nick Danielle? ›

Unfortunately, a few days after Iyanna McNeely And Jarrette Jones announced they were getting a divorce, news broke that season two's other married couple were also separating. On August 21, TMZ revealed that Danielle had filed for divorce from Nick.

Is Natalie dating Sal? ›

So there you have it. Sal and Natalie are just BFFs who both really “appreciate” each other.

Who else proposed to Natalie? ›

In the post, Natalie noted that she received proposals from as many as five men: Brian Ngo, James "Joey" Miller, Jeremy Hartwell, Rocky Smith, and Vito Salamone.

Are Shayne and Natalie dating? ›

Shayne Jansen is ready to move on from his ex-fiancée Natalie Lee. Addressing the ups and downs in his former Love Is Blind relationship on Nick Viall's Viall Files podcast Wednesday, Shayne was asked whether he's "done" pursuing Natalie. "I am now, officially. It's over," said Shayne, 32.

Who got pregnant on Love Is Blind? ›

"Love Is Blind" star Mark Cuevas and his fiancée, Aubrey Rainey, have welcomed their second child. “Love Is Blind” star Mark Cuevas and his fiancée, Aubrey Rainey, are officially parents to two boys.

Do Mallory and Sal stay together? ›

Despite the pair deciding to not get married, they were nothing but respectful about it. Sal even addressed Mallory's family and friends to make sure they knew how special she was to him. Ultimately, it was Sal who called off the wedding, telling Mallory, “I cannot.

Where is Mark from Love Is Blind now? ›

Mark Cuevas—who got engaged to Jessica Batten on season one of Love Is Blind before their relationship ended at the altar—is now married to Aubrey Rainey.

Who was Deepti engaged to? ›

Ultimately during that second season, Vempati found a kinship with Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee on the series. Though the two became engaged, they eventually parted ways at the altar, with Vempati sharing that she decided to “choose” herself.

Did Kyle and Deepti talk in the pods? ›

Kyle and Deepti first began speaking in the pods on their season of Love is Blind, though Kyle ultimately left with Shaina Hurley while Deepti started a relationship with Abhishek "Shake" Chatterjee. But Kyle raised eyebrows during the show's reunion when he admitted he "should've asked Deepti to marry me."

Are Deepti and Kyle dating Reddit? ›

"The problem with dating your best friend is that when you break up, you lose your best friend. It was tough to take that leap,” Abrams said. Update: Days after the premiere of "Love Is Blind: After the Altar," Deepti Vempati and Kyle Abrams announced they had broken up.

Who does Raven from the 100 end up with? ›

She develops a romantic relationship with Miles Shaw. In the Season Five finale Damocles (Part 2), Raven launches the Eligius IV back into space, after McCreary drops Damocles, a Hytholodium bomb, on Eden. In Season Six, she stays on Eligius IV, while others go down to the new habitable world.

Who did Raven end up with in Raven's home? ›

It is revealed that prior to the series, Raven had gotten divorced from Devon Carter, an ex-boyfriend from high school, and now lives with Chelsea and her son in Chicago.

Who does Raven Roth marry? ›

The two eventually grow very fond of each other, Raven feeling genuinely happier in his presence and Beast Boy harboring a great pride at being her husband. Their romantic feelings develop more slowly than others but over time they begin to truly live as man and wife.

Does Raven and Devon end up together in Raven's home? ›

Raven's Home

Devon kept in touch with Raven after moving and they even eventually got married, which resulted in having a son named Booker and a daughter named Nia (who're also fraternal twins).

Is Raven crippled The 100? ›

Raven's story has inspired me to open up. To do something. Raven Reyes is a mechanic, she is a woman of colour, she has a fierce heart and a fierce mouth, and she is physically disabled.

What did Murphy do to Raven? ›

In Season 1, it was Murphy who shot Raven, causing permanent damage to her spine, chronic pain in her leg, and reduced mobility.

Are Clarke and Raven friends? ›

In The Blood of Sanctum, their friendship is able to be rebuild after Clarke hugs and thanks Raven for saving Madi, Raven then apologizes about her mother's death. Lindsey Morgan states that Clarke and Raven will reconcile in Season Seven, Lindsey said that she don't seen them as “friends” but “sisters”.

Did Raven-Symoné have a baby? ›

Raven Symoné doesn't have kids — yet. She hasn't stated definitively whether or not she wants to be a mom, but she's alluded to becoming one some day (however, whether or not she wants to be a parent is totally her choice).

How Much Is That So Raven worth? ›

Raven Symone Net Worth
Net Worth:$40 Million
Date of Birth:Dec 10, 1985 (36 years old)
Height:5 ft 1 in (1.57 m)
Profession:Comedian, Television producer, Actor, Voice Actor, Dancer, Singer, Film Producer, Fashion Model
1 more row

Did Nia leave Raven's home? ›

The characters' move to San Francisco resulted in the departure of several series regulars: Navia Robinson (Nia), Jason Maybaum (Levi), Sky Katz (Tess) and van der Pol.

Are Raven and Chelsea a couple? ›

They have become long term best friends, and have never separated from one another also are a never ending duo. Raven's twins, Nia and Booker, call Chelsea 'Aunt Chelsea' or 'Aunt Chels'.

Where does Teagan Croft live? ›

Personal life. Croft has two sisters. Her family relocated to Chicago in 2016. She is the niece of actresses Penny and Jessica McNamee.

Is Raven's home over? ›

At D23 Expo 2022: The Ultimate Fan Experience presented by Visa®, Raven-Symoné announced that Raven's Home has been renewed for a sixth season on Disney Channel.

Who does Raven Baxter marry? ›

Trivia. Raven Baxter has appeared in the Disney Channel series That's So Raven, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Cory in the House, Bunk'd, and Raven's Home. In the time between her visit to the White House and Raven's Home, Raven married and divorced Devon Carter, and became parents of twins with him.


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